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Eyebrow Threading prep and aftercare

Updated: Aug 21

Have you ever considered giving eyebrow threading a shot? If the answer is yes, you're on the right track! Threading is a fantastic way to attain the eyebrows you've always envisioned.

While occasional tweezing has its place, it doesn't quite cut it as a comprehensive eyebrow service. To truly achieve your brow aspirations, understanding how to prepare for your threading session and how to care for your brows afterward is essential.

Translation: Relying solely on tweezing won't magically transform your brows into your desired shape anytime soon.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll delve into:

Unveiling Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading, an ancient method of hair removal, employs a thin cotton or polyester thread, doubled and twisted, to extract unwanted facial hair. Unlike tweezing, threading targets short rows of hair at the follicle level, facilitating precise shaping and maintenance.

The threading process involves sitting comfortably as an esthetician deftly maneuvers the thread to pluck unwanted hairs—including their roots—without contacting the skin. This eliminates the risk of cuts, infections, and skin damage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Threading is safe and precise, eliminating the risk of skin damage.

  • Unlike tweezing, threading captures multiple hairs in one go, ensuring a uniform regrowth.

  • The technique's precision allows for quick and easy brow sculpting.

What Services Are Available for Eyebrow Threading

Visit our Eyebrow Services Menu on our website.

You should see a list of services with an option to book now. Select the services you are interested in learning more about or book an appointment online.

Eyebrow Threading near me

The services available for Eyebrow Threading are:

  • Brow Maintenance

  • Men's Natural Brows

  • Brow Shaping

  • Brow Design

  • Lip/Chin/Jaw

  • Full Face

Brow Maintenance

The Brow Maintenance appointment is an appointment for regular brow cleaning. Now that the shape of your eyebrows is defined from the initial eyebrow shaping appointment, this service is less expensive and only 15mins long.

Men's Natural Brows

Men’s natural eyebrow shaping is an eyebrow threading service for gentlemen. Unlike women's eyebrows, threading men prefer their eyebrows thicker. Although many men may not have heard about Men's Natural Brows Service, it is an excellent way to help shape men's eyebrows without having them look too feminine!


Lip Chin and Jaw are other areas on your face that you can request hair removal by threading appointment. This is also an add-on service for Brow Design and Brow shaping appointments.

Alternatively, this service can be performed with wax instead of threading. If you would prefer waxing you might be interested in reading this.

Full Face

Full Face Threading includes all three areas of the face Lips/Chin/Jaw and does not include eyebrows. This service is performed by threading unwanted facial hair directly from the follicle of the hair, preventing growth for weeks. Alternatively, you could try our laser hair removal service under Hair Removal. This would help in reducing all facial hair permanently.

Threading Prep and Aftercare

When you arrive at the salon, you can do a few more things to prepare for amazing threaded brows.

  1. Do a trial run. Worried about the pain of eyebrow threading? You’re not alone, but your tech is there to help. You can always ask if you can do a trial on the back of your hand. Although it will be slightly different on your brows, you can get a general idea of the pain level.

  2. Talk about your ideal shape. Let your beauty specialist know what you want your brows to look like. Everyone is different, and your appointment will render different results from someone else, depending on your desired shape/fullness/etc. If you’re unsure about which brow shape will best suit you, you can always ask your professional brow artist their opinion.

  3. Relax. I know this is easier said than done, especially if it’s your first time. Threading can be a bit uncomfortable (more or less depending on your pain tolerance). The best thing you can do is relax and get ready for the most beautifully sculpted brows of your life. And, you’re in and out in less than half an hour!


The service is over, and you absolutely love your brows, of course! While you may notice some redness, proper aftercare can help minimize this and any other discomfort.

  1. Wash your face with cold water. One quick tip is to wash your face with cold water after your treatment. The cold water helps to reduce redness and may help relieve any other discomfort.

  2. Apply aloe vera gel. Your eyebrows will probably be irritated, which is why many salons apply aloe vera to your brows for you. However, you can always use more after your treatment to help soothe the area.

  3. Avoid sunlight. UV rays will likely cause more redness, so it’s best to avoid the sun as much as possible for a day or two after your eyebrow threading. The last thing you want is a sunburn on top of your red eyebrows!

  4. Avoid steam and chlorinated water, too. Both of these elements can cause further redness and discomfort to the area. Needless to say, you want to avoid chemicals and heat for the few days following eyebrow threading.

  5. Keep your hands off your brows. When you see something beautiful, you want to touch it, right? But touching your brow area can cause infection since the pores are opened from your treatment.

  6. No makeup or creams, either. While you may want to hide and soothe your red brows, it’s best to avoid applying makeup and creams for at least a day. This is because your pores are opened and clogging them can lead to skin irritation.

  7. A light moisturizer is okay. If your eyebrows are excessively dry from the treatment, it’s okay to apply moisturizer. Just make sure it’s a lightweight product that won’t clog up your pores.

  8. Don’t overpluck. As your brows start to grow back out, it’s okay to tweeze a couple of hairs outside of your brow line. But, remember, it’s best to let them grow out before your next appointment.

What Is The Difference Between Brow Shaping and Brow Design

Before you book an online appointment you need to decide on brow shaping or brow design services.

Jump straight to the services that you to learn more about:

What is a Brow Design Appointment

A Brow Design is an in-depth brow service for our first-time guests. We take the time to walk you through everything step of the process and help you to understand how we can create your perfect brow! At Lavoom Salon we understand the impact an eyebrow has on the face and create a shape that takes into consideration not only your face shape and existing hair but also your expectations of daily maintenance and your unique vision. Communication is the key to this appointment.

Included in this service:

  • Detailed consultation and design of your brows.

  • Brow shaping using either waxing or threading.

  • Education on how to use products tailored to your brows.

  • Tips and tricks on how to maintain your beautiful new brows between appointments.

For most, this is your first visit to Lavoom Salon. It is recommended that you will then continue to follow up with a brow maintenance appointment every 3 – 6 weeks going forward.

Brow Design appointments are frequently paired with tinting services. A brow tint can help darken hair and create a cleaner overall brow shape. Your artist will take the time to consult with you based on your individual needs and may recommend adding a tinting service to your Brow Design.

All of our Brow Experts understand the importance of eyebrow shape in relation to your overall look. Every Brow Expert is meticulous and extremely detail-oriented because they know that every hair matters. This knowledge is what drives our experts to create a beautiful balance shape for all of our guests!

Pro tip: If you are getting your brows shaped and tinted why not add a lash tint to finish the look? Pairing these three services together creates a beautiful makeup-free result. Roll out of bed feeling ready to go!

What Is A Brow Shaping Appointment

Properly shaped eyebrows hold more power and visual impact on overall facial appearance than any other singular feature.

At Lavoom Salon, we believe in discovering the potential of your natural shape, in order to create the ideal eyebrows that you were always meant to have. To achieve this we first consult with you on your desired look and discuss options that would work best for your face shape.

By doing this, we create a brow that is best suited for you and will always remain timeless. We understand that precision and balance are the keys to achieving flawlessly shaped eyebrows. We walk you through every step of the process sharing our knowledge and ensuring the perfect brow for you. Achieved by threading, lasting 3-5 weeks.

Included in this service:

  • Concise consultation and review of your brows.

  • Brow shaping using either waxing or threading.

  • A brief review of products and tips and tricks tailored to your brows.

For a deeper dive into the world of eyebrow threading and the various services we offer, visit our Eyebrow Threading page. Here, you'll find detailed information about our services, pricing, and more.

How to Find Eyebrow Threading Services In Calgary

Looking for eyebrow threading near me helps google find a beauty salon or brow bar that is closest to your location.

To do that, type "Eyebrow Threading near me" in Google Search

Eyebrow Threading Near Me Google Search

SIDENOTE. If you don't already go to a beauty salon that offers eyebrow threading in Calgary or aren't sure where to find it, read this.

How to book an Eyebrow Threading appointment online

Booking an eyebrow threading service online is easy and hassle-free with our online booking system.

There are 5 easy steps are:

  1. Select Services: From either our Book Now or Eyebrow page you can choose from a list of eyebrow threading services you would like to pick. Click the Book Now button.

  2. Request Appointment: Next, select the time and date of your appointment from the Schedule Online calendar. This calendar is auto-updated with staff availability. Once you found an available date and time select the Next Button.

  3. Personal Information: To request an online appointment you must fill out our online booking form with your name, email, and phone number. This information is confidential and will not be used for marketing.

  4. Add Reminder: Check "I want to receive an SMS reminder 24 hours before this session starts", then select Book It.

  5. COVID-19 Wavier: You will receive a COVID-19 Wavier form in your email. Please fill this out prior to your appointment.

Online Schedule for Eyebrow Threading Service near me

Final thoughts

Eyebrow threading is a potent technique for unwanted hair removal and revealing your ideal brow shape. However, it's important to understand that achieving perfect brows often requires a combination of services. When seeking a threading salon, choose a reputable establishment backed by client testimonials.

Finding a beauty salon that offers eyebrow threading near you could be challenging, but going with a prominent Beauty salon is important.

Therefore, it pays to review our client testimonials to make an online appointment today!

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