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The Brow Maintenance Schedule *Every* Woman Must Follow

Updated: Jan 25

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your brows bushy and uneven in a photo, despite your continued efforts to maintain your brows.

I know this because I've been there many times.

Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, nothing works. Instagram seems to hate your pictures, and you have no idea why.

If that sounds all too familiar, then you're in the right place.

Here's how to maintain your brows:

  1. What is Brow Maintenance?

  2. What are the different services available for brows?

  3. Figure out an ideal Brow Shaping schedule for you

  4. How to Maintain your brows between appointments

  5. Why is it so important to shape your brows?

What is Brow Maintenance?

Brow Maintenance is a service for regular brow grooming, that involves threading, plucking and trimming the eyebrow hairs for a desired shape.

A recent study from Canada found that eyebrows are a more identifiable feature than your eyes are. Eyebrows accentuate your eyes and they’re an important aspect of your facial expressions because they communicate emotion.

What Are The Different Services Available For Brows?

The number of beauty treatments for women's brows grows every year. So it can sometimes feel difficult to know which is best to recommend.

Here at Lavoom Salon, we offer a range of brow treatments such as:

  • Eyebrow Threading

  • Brow Design

  • Eyebrow Maintenance

  • Men's Natural Brow

  • Eyebrow Tinting

  • Henna Brow

  • Brow Lamination

  • Eyebrow Waxing

As a beauty technician, you already know that not every brow maintenance schedule will get the best results for every client. You need to bear in mind not only the look you are trying to achieve but the state of your eyebrows are in at the moment.

Figure Out An Ideal Brow Shaping Schedule For You

Most women preach manicuring their arches is a matter of preference—but whether you tweeze, thread, wax, pluck trim, laminate, henna, or tint, you've got to have a routine.

Sure, stray hairs mean it's probably time for a touch-up, but how do you even know what your ideal brow-shaping schedule actually is?

To ensure we're being punctual about keeping our brows looking good, we go by the following:

1. Brow Shaping

  • Brow Design: on your first visit to Lavoom Salon, or once a year ensure you have the ideal brow shape.

  • Eyebrow Threading/Waxing: after brow design, you can book brow maintenance every 2 weeks or brow shaping by threading or waxing every 3-4 weeks.

  • Brow Maintenance: brow maintenance can be booked every 2 weeks, for women on the go.

2. Brow Dyes

  • Eyebrow Tinting: Every 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your brows grow.

  • Henna Brow: Every 6-8 weeks, as the dye stains the skin underneath the brows appears fuller, which significantly increases how long the dye lasts.

3. Brow Treatments

  • Brow Lamination: Every 6-7 weeks, depending on how well you look after your brows.

Alternatively, to Brow Maintenance appointments you can Tweeze and trim between eyebrow threading or eyebrow waxing appointments.

  • Tweezing: Plucking regrowth every 2 or 3 days to keep things tidy and maintain your brow shape.

  • Trimming: Once a month

How To Maintain Your Brows Between Appointments

When a single part of your beauty look holds enough power to make or break your day, you want to make sure they look their best in between waxing and threading appointments.

7 easy ways to maintain your brows between appointments:

Be Strategic About Booking Your Appointments

Just like other hair on your body, your brow hair grows in a cycle. I recommend going to your brow appointment once per cycle—about every four to five weeks—so that the stray hairs all eventually start coming in at the same time. Once you get the follicles on the same growth schedule, you’ll notice you can wait longer in between appointments.

Tweeze carefully

Maintaining your brows without tweezing is ideal (to maintain a consistent growth cycle), but sometimes beauty doesn’t work on the timeline you want it to. If that’s the case, never pluck a naked brow. First, fill in your brows as you normally would. Then go in and pluck any strays that fall above or below the shape. Leave the hairs that are 1/8” away from your brow— or else you risk creating a-holes and patches.

Conceal Overgrowth

Your first instinct might be to just apply foundation or concealer over the area, but the brow bone needs a slightly different game plan. It’s essential to use a primer because the area can get pretty oily, and without one your concealer might start to look a little slick and hairs will become noticeable.

Fill Them in With the Right Products

Enhance the brow shape and make it last by filling them in. Lavoom brow pencil makes it so easy for even the brow novice. The teardrop tip of the pencil is created in a way that ensures effortless application and the formula is designed to adhere to your hair—not the skin—so it looks really natural.

Maintain Your Colour

Since your brows are so close to the sensitive eye area, you can’t use your traditional box of at-home hair dye. Tinted brow mascaras are a great way to keep up with the colour, but make sure the colour has dimension, otherwise, your brows look lacklustre and dull.

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The brow maintenance schedule every woman must follow

Keep the Brow Area Healthy

SPF is always a tried-and-true rule to keeping your skin protected from head to toe. The rest of your brow routine is not unlike how you care for the hair on your head. It’s like when your hairstylist tells you to massage your head in the shower and condition your hair—the same is true for your eyebrow area.

Stay Away From the Scissors

A trim might sound like a better idea than plucking, but it’s harder to do on your own than you think. It’s like trimming your bangs: It takes a real professional eye to be able to do them yourself. If you do want to give brow scissors a shot, first use a clear shaping gel and direct the hair in the direction you want it to grow. Allow the gel to dry and trim hair by hair, making sure to look into the mirror after every snip to make sure you’re not clipping away too much.

Why Is It So Important To Shape Your Brows?

Brows are a person’s most important facial feature, they help you express emotions, they add a flair to your look and even affect the shape of your face – if you don’t agree with us on that do check out those articles that show celebs without their eyebrows and you will surely know their importance.

However, except for a handful of lucky human beings, all others require a monthly or weekly grooming session only for their brows. Over the years brows have become an integral part of enhancing one’s beauty hence it has become absolutely necessary for one to trim, shape and fill in their brows to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look.

Today, we will discover how a well-maintained brow can affect one’s look:

Brow Maintenance

Make You Look Younger

See someone with bushy, unshaped eyebrows and then look at someone with full-groomed eyebrows and try guessing their ages, you’ll surely end up calling the younger individual older because they haven’t plucked or trimmed their brows in ages. Groomed eyebrows are an anti-ageing antidote that very few people know about. Perfectly plucked eyebrows that are filled in just right will lift up your face, make your eyes appear wider and make you look more youthful.

Accentuate your Eyes

Priming one’s eyebrows can also turn into someone’s worst nightmare sometimes too. Why do you ask? Well, because the question is not just about priming your eyebrows, it’s about doing them right. However, there is no hard and fast rule about what a ‘right kind of eyebrow looks like, but there surely is some insight involved on your behalf, so before you sit on the hot seat with a beautician hovering over your face with wax, make sure you know what shape your face is and then decide what shape length and thickness you would go for. You must consider the ongoing trends when you make this choice.

Refine Your Look and Correct Flaws

A lot of people undermine the importance of well-kept eyebrows because they don’t know how simply groomed eyebrows can create a polished look without even the slightest hint of makeup. On the contrary, eyebrows without regular maintenance look bushy and unkempt which obviously makes one look older and very rough.

Final Thoughts

Well-maintained brows can also hide one's flaws: small eyes, eyes that are far apart, or eyes that are hooded. The right kind of brow shape can add both dimension and length to one’s eyes while hiding away the flaws like they never existed. Nicely trimmed, shaped eyebrows not only look good but they look clean and pleasing to the human eye.

So a Brow Maintenance schedule is important for every woman, and they must find the right treatments to fit their daily routine.

So what are you waiting for, book with one of our amazing Brow artists? Tame those bushes and look younger in no time!

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