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3470 18 Street SW#104, Calgary, AB T2T 6Z3

Monday-Wednesday: 10am - 6pm
Thursday - Friday: 9am - 7pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Lavoom Salon - Marda Loop

3470 18 Street SW #104, Calgary, AB T2T 6Z3

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Lavoom Salon - Brow & Lash Artistry at Marda Loop

Welcome to Lavoom Salon Marda Loop, your ultimate destination for expert brow and lash artistry in Calgary's vibrant district! Step into our luxurious brow bar and indulge in impeccably groomed eyebrows. Specializing in precision eyebrow threading and tailored brow designs, our dedicated team also offers exceptional lash lift and extension services. Discover why Lavoom Salon is the go-to choice for perfect brows and lashes in Marda Loop!


Get flawless brow sculpting at Lavoom Salon Marda Loop. Our expert eyebrow and facial waxing ensures beautifully shaped brows and a polished appearance. Experience professional waxing by Calgary's top brow artist in Marda Loop.

Waxing Services in Marda Loop Calgary
Eyebrow Threading Marda Loop Calgary.jpg


Get your eyebrows threaded in Marda Loop by Calgary's threading experts at Lavoom Salon Brow & Lash Artistry. Our luxury brow bar specializes in eyebrow grooming for both men and women. Located in Marda Loop, our salon is perfect for professionals seeking quick and precise eyebrow shaping near downtown Calgary.


Experience laminated brows at Lavoom Salon Marda Loop! Our brow bar offers Brow Lamination to enhance your natural eyebrows. This treatment creates bold, comb-up arches for optimal shape, leaving your brows softened, plumped, and lengthened for a thicker, fuller appearance.

Brow Lamination in Marda Loop at Lavoom Salon
Lash Lift at Lavoom Salon Marda Loop


Seeking beautifully lifted lashes? Lavoom Salon in Marda Loop offers Calgary's best lash lift. Our brow artists, trained and certified by Lash Mother ULI, are true Lash Lift Masters, expertly creating beautifully lifted eyelashes.


Seeking stunning eyelash extensions? Lavoom Salon in Marda Loop offers classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume lash options, ensuring luxurious, natural-looking extensions. Our meticulous lash artists provide enhanced extension services for clients in Marda Loop and downtown Calgary.

Eyelash Extensions Services in Marda Loop at Lavoom Salon
Microblading Service at Lavoom Salon Marda Loop


Searching for a PMU Artist for Microblading in Calgary? Discover Microblading / PMU services at Lavoom Salon Marda Loop. Achieve permanent enhancement for your eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner with our expert microblading treatments.


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Book an appointment or visit our Marda Loop location and witness the transformative power of our dedicated team. Trust Lavoom Salon - Brow & Lash Artistry for all your beauty needs in Calgary.

Lavoom Salon: Premier Brow Bar in Marda Loop, Calgary for Threading, Brow Design, Lash Lifts & Extensions!

Step into the world of Lavoom Salon, your exclusive Brow Bar retreat in the heart of Marda Loop, Calgary. Immerse yourself in the artistry of eyebrow threading, bespoke brow design, and mesmerizing lash lifts & extensions, all curated to perfection.

Nestled at
3470 18th Street SW #104, our Brow Bar in Marda Loop is more than an address; it's your sanctuary for precision eyebrow threading and personalized brow design. Our passionate brow artists are dedicated to sculpting brows that frame your face flawlessly. From intricate threading techniques to custom-designed brows, our services are tailored to enhance your innate beauty. Learn more about Lavoom Salon Marda Loop

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To provide premium eyebrow, lashes, makeup, and hair removal solutions to clients using high-quality products and advanced techniques so that clients are not only satisfied with their services but also feel that they have had the ultimate luxurious experience.


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Marda Loop

3470 18 Street SW #104 Calgary, AB, Canada

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