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Laminated Brows Care: The Eyebrow Aftercare Guide

Updated: Apr 9

Laminated Brows Care: The Eyebrow Aftercare Guide


Are you tired of wrestling with unruly eyebrows every morning, longing for a sleek and perfectly groomed look? Enter brow lamination – the secret to achieving effortlessly chic brows with minimal effort. But hold your tweezers! While the results of this trending treatment are undeniably stunning, ensuring their long-lasting allure requires more than just a quick salon visit. In this guide, we delve into the art of post-brow lamination care, sharing insider tips and tricks to keep your brows looking flawlessly fresh. Get ready to bid farewell to eyebrow woes and hello to your best brows yet!


Laminated brows are the transformative results of a brow lamination treatment. This technique employs a specialized keratin-based treatment to fortify thinning or unruly brow hairs while bestowing a sleek, polished appearance. By coaxing existing eyebrow hairs into a desired direction and shape, laminated brows create the illusion of lifted, impeccably groomed eyebrows. Additionally, the process enhances volume by meticulously combing natural brow hairs together, resulting in a fuller appearance and providing a defined direction to the brows on one's face.


Avoiding Moisture

Following a brow lamination treatment, the initial 24-48 hours are critical for allowing the biochemical effects to set effectively. It's crucial to avoid wetting your brows during this period to ensure optimal results.

In addition to refraining from water contact, it's essential to emphasize the avoidance of steam as well. This includes:

  • No visits to saunas or steam rooms

  • Avoidance of hot baths or showers with steam

Remember, keeping your brows dry during this period is essential for the best results.

Minimizing Heat Exposure

Another crucial aspect of brow lamination aftercare is reducing exposure to heat, which is often underestimated. Heat has the potential to weaken the lamination effect, undoing the desired results and leaving your brows less defined. Please refrain from using hot hair tools or exposing your brows to direct heat sources for the first 48 hours after your treatment to maintain the lamination's integrity.

Avoiding Aggressive Products

One of the key post-brow lamination care recommendations is to steer clear of harsh cosmetic or chemical products around the brow area. While you may be eager to resume your regular skincare routine, some adjustments may be necessary.

It is advisable to avoid products that contain exfoliating agents or harsh chemicals, as they can negatively impact your brow lamination. Instead, opt for gentle cleansers or brow-safe products for the area.

Given the increasing variety of active ingredients in skincare products, particularly around the brow area, it's increasingly vital to emphasize this point. While you can still utilize these beneficial products on other areas of your face, it's essential to avoid them around the brow area to maintain the lamination's integrity.

Be Careful With Makeup

Similar to skincare products, makeup can potentially compromise the results of brow lamination, particularly if applied within the initial 24-48 hours following the treatment. Avoid using heavy makeup or oil-based products around the brow area during this time, as they may interfere with the lamination process.

While some may have experimented with brow-enhancing products before opting for brow lamination, it's important not to use these post-treatment. Certain ingredients may disrupt the lamination effect, affecting the longevity of your results.

Avoid The Urge To Rub!

While rubbing your brows can be a habit, especially when they feel different after treatment, it's crucial to avoid excessive touching or rubbing within the initial 24 hours post-brow lamination. Excessive rubbing or pulling on the brow area can impact the lamination effect and compromise the desired results. By resisting the urge to rub, you can help maintain the integrity and longevity of your brow lamination.


Here are some quick and effective steps you can follow to enhance the durability and beauty of your laminated brows:

  1. Invest in a gentle face cleanser: Use a mild, non-oily cleanser to wash your face and brows. Avoid harsh exfoliants or scrubs around the brow area, as they can strip away the lamination solution and weaken the effect.

  2. Brush your brows daily: Use a clean, dry spoolie brush to gently brush your laminated brows daily. This helps maintain their shape and keeps them looking neat and groomed.

  3. Use a nourishing brow serum: After the initial 24-48 hours, consider applying a nourishing brow serum or oil to keep the brow hairs hydrated and healthy. This can help prolong the effects of the lamination treatment and promote hair growth.

  4. Schedule Touch-Ups: Depending on your individual hair growth cycle, consider scheduling touch-up appointments every 6-8 weeks to maintain the desired look of your laminated brows.

We trust that these top aftercare tips will help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your laminated brows! If you have any further inquiries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us via the chat below.

Before and After Brow Lamination
Before and After Brow Lamination


Before undergoing a brow lamination treatment, your eyebrows may lack definition and appear unruly, making it challenging to achieve the desired shape and style. At our salon, we offer Brow Lamination, a service meticulously designed to transform your brows into sleek, well-defined arches that frame your face beautifully.

Prior to brow lamination, your brows may lack uniformity and fullness, leaving them looking sparse and unkempt. To combat this, many individuals resort to time-consuming grooming routines or excessive use of brow products. In response to this common dilemma, we offer eyebrow tinting as an effective solution. Eyebrow tinting serves as a natural-looking enhancement for your brows, providing depth and definition without the need for daily makeup application. Unlike eyebrow pencils or powders, which may smudge or fade throughout the day, eyebrow tinting offers long-lasting results that require minimal upkeep.


In conclusion, opting for brow lamination services offers a practical and impactful solution for elevating the appearance of your eyebrows. With brow lamination, you can achieve perfectly groomed, lifted brows without the need for daily maintenance or excessive product use. This transformative treatment reshapes and defines your natural brows, providing a sleek and polished look that enhances your facial features.

By following the aftercare tips provided in this guide and entrusting your brows to professional services, you can ensure the beauty and longevity of your laminated brows. Say goodbye to the tedious task of grooming your brows every morning and embrace the ease and confidence that comes with flawlessly laminated brows.

Whether you're a brow enthusiast or new to the world of brow enhancements, consider giving brow lamination a try. With affordable pricing and convenient appointments, there's no better time to experience the transformative effects of this treatment. Visit Lavoom Salon Locations in Calgary today and discover the difference that brow lamination can make in your beauty routine. Let your laminated brows provide the lasting definition and elegance you deserve, and explore our range of brow services to complete your look.

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