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Lavoom Salon's Professional Lash Tinting Service in Calgary

Get Picture-Perfect Lashes
with Exceptional Lash Tinting Services

Welcome to Lavoom Salon, where we specialize in creating stunning, natural-looking lashes through our expert lash tinting services. Our dedicated team focuses on elevating your natural beauty by adding depth, definition, and striking color to your lashes. Using high-quality products and precise application techniques, we ensure long-lasting, beautiful results that leave you feeling confident and camera-ready.

Our Approach to Lash Tinting

At Lavoom Salon, our approach to lash tinting is an art form. We begin with a comprehensive consultation, during which our skilled technicians take the time to understand your unique vision and preferences. We carefully select the perfect tint shade to enhance your natural lash color and create a customized look that's just right for you. With meticulous precision and using the highest-quality tinting products, we apply the tint, ensuring even coverage that appears entirely natural. It's not just about enhancing your lashes; it's about enhancing your confidence and natural beauty. Trust us to deliver stunning lash tinting results that bring out the best in your eyes and give you that perfect, camera-ready look you desire.



During our lash tinting consultation, our skilled technicians will discuss your preferences, assess your natural lashes, and help you choose the perfect tint shade to enhance the color and definition of your lashes.



Using precise techniques and high-quality tinting products, our skilled technicians expertly apply the lash tint to your natural lashes, creating a beautiful, long-lasting color that enhances their appearance.



Prior to the lash tinting application, we thoroughly cleanse your lashes to remove any traces of makeup or oils, ensuring optimal adherence and longevity of the tint.

The Perfect Lash Color for You

At Lavoom Salon, we specialize in tailoring your lash tint to perfection. Our expert technicians consider your unique features, eye color, and skin tone to create a customized lash color that enhances your beauty. Whether you seek a subtle or dramatic look, our wide range of tint shades ensures we achieve the ideal enhancement. Trust us to make your lashes the captivating focal point of your beauty routine.

The Benefits of Lash Tinting

Lash tinting offers a variety of benefits, simplifying your beauty routine and enhancing your overall look:

  • Darkened Lashes: Adds deep, dark color, eliminating the need for daily mascara application.

  • Enhanced Definition: Provides natural-looking definition, framing your eyes for an overall enhanced appearance.

  • Fuller-Looking Lashes: Adds depth and dimension for the illusion of fuller and more voluminous lashes.

  • Low-Maintenance Beauty: Effortless beauty with long-lasting, smudge-proof results.

  • Time-Saving Solution: Skip daily makeup routines for stunning lashes every day.

  • Waterproof and Smudge-Proof: Resistant to water, sweat, and tears for long-lasting results.

Natural-Looking Lash Tinting at Lavoom Salon Calgary

Your Path to Bolder, Fuller-Looking Lashes

Experience the transformative power of our lash tinting service. Say goodbye to the hassle of mascara and embrace effortlessly beautiful lashes that last. Book your appointment today and witness the remarkable difference in achieving bolder, fuller-looking lashes.

Lavoom Treatment Bed.jpeg
  • What is Brow Lamination, and why should I choose Lavoom Salon for this service?
    Brow Lamination is a semi-permanent treatment that shapes and sets eyebrow hairs in place for a fuller, more defined look. At Lavoom Salon, our expert technicians use premium products and techniques to ensure natural, long-lasting results tailored to your preferences.
  • How long does brow lamination last?
    The effects of brow lamination can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on individual hair growth cycles. However, some maintenance may be required, such as occasional brushing and application of nourishing serums.
  • Is Brow Lamination at Lavoom Salon suitable for all brow types and shapes?
    Absolutely! Our Brow Lamination service is suitable for various brow types and shapes. During your consultation, our technicians will discuss your desired look and tailor the treatment to enhance your natural brow structure.
  • Is brow lamination a painful process?
    Brow lamination is a non-invasive and painless procedure. The products used during the treatment are gentle and do not cause discomfort. You may experience a slight tingling sensation, similar to a nourishing mask, but it is generally well-tolerated.
  • Can I still shape my brows after the lamination?
    Yes! Brow lamination allows for more flexibility in shaping and styling your brows. You can still tweeze or trim your brows according to your desired shape after the lamination process. However, it is recommended to consult with our experts at Lavoom Salon for professional advice on maintaining the best shape for your brows.
  • How should I care for my brows after the lamination treatment?
    After brow lamination, it is important to follow the post-care instructions provided by our estheticians. These may include avoiding excessive moisture on the brows, refraining from rubbing the area, and using nourishing serums or brow oils to keep the hairs hydrated and healthy.


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