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Calgary's #1 Destination for Permanent Makeup! We Specialize in Microblading, Ombre Powder Brows, & Combo Brows to make your brow dreams come true!


Natural Hair Stroke Microblading technique crafts brows that are both fuller and impeccably shaped. Thanks to this special approach, distinguishing between microbladed and non-microbladed brows becomes nearly impossible—they look that authentic! Using organic pigment, precise strokes are delicately applied to the brows to emulate natural hair, resulting in a flawless appearance. Imagine waking up each morning with effortlessly perfect eyebrows.

  • Resembles authentic hair strokes

  • Lasts approximately 12-18 months before requiring a touch-up

  • Only suitable for individuals with healthy, firm, and poreless skin, as proper healing of the strokes is crucial

  • Recommended for those with dry to normal skin; not ideal for individuals with combination or oily skin.


Ombre Powder Brows

Our Ombre Powder Brows technique stands out as our most sought-after method for brows! Utilizing our permanent makeup machine, pigment is delicately infused into the skin, resulting in a soft and powdery appearance. Unlike traditional brow tattoos, there are no individual hair strokes; instead, the entire brow is softly covered in a light colour, with minimal pigment applied at the brow's beginning for a subtle ombre effect. This technique resembles a light makeup fill rather than harsh traditional tattoos. If you're accustomed to filling in your brows daily with a pencil, this could be the perfect solution for you! Suitable for all types of brows, whether blonde or brunette.

  • No individual hair strokes are incorporated.

  • Offers the longest-lasting results, typically lasting 2-3 years.

  • Minimizes trauma to the skin.

  • Requires fewer touch-ups.

  • Suitable for all skin types, with a particular advantage for mature skin.

Ombre Powder Brows

Combo Brows

Combo brows combine the techniques of microblading and shading to achieve a blended result. This method seamlessly integrates hair-like strokes with shading, resulting in fuller and slightly more pigmented brows compared to microblading alone. Hair strokes are delicately placed at the front of the brow, while shading is applied towards the arch and tail, providing extensive coverage for a natural appearance.

  • Limited candidates for microblading strokes due to the necessity of healthy, tight, and poreless skin for proper healing.

  • Recommended for clients with dry to normal skin; not suitable for those with combination or oily skin types.

Combo Brows Microblading.jpg


During each appointment, we conduct a comprehensive in-session consultation where we discuss your preferences, address any queries or apprehensions you might have, and provide guidance on selecting the most suitable service for you. Microblading, Ombre Powder Brows, and Combo Brows are all included options. Our priority is for you to choose the technique that aligns best with your skin type and personal style, irrespective of cost. You're welcome to book the appointment for the technique you believe suits you best, and if you opt to change your mind on the day of the appointment, you're free to do so!


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At Lavoom Salon, we understand that brows are not one-size-fits-all. We tailor the perfect brows specifically for you, considering factors such as your facial features, eye shape, bone structure, and personal style. Our expertise lies in eyebrow mapping and design, ensuring you achieve the ideal shape. Throughout your appointment, you're in charge, and we won't proceed until you're completely satisfied with the outlined shape of your brows. Feeling anxious? No need to fret—we adopt a conservative approach during your initial appointment, as we can always add more during your included 6-week touch-up session!


Ready for fuller, more defined brows that save you time on your daily routine? Look no further than Lavoom Salon's microblading in Calgary experience.


Our journey begins with a detailed consultation. We'll listen to your preferences and discuss your desired brow shape, colour, and style to achieve a tailor-made, natural look that complements your unique features. Want to learn more about microblading? Check out our blog post: What is Microblading and What to Know Before Getting It?

The procedure itself is painless and efficient. Our certified microblading artists use Health Canada-approved pigments to create precise hair-like strokes, enhancing definition and fullness. We can even adjust the shape of your brows for a perfectly balanced look.  Transparency and client education are our priorities, so you'll feel confident and informed throughout the entire process.

Considering Permanent Makeup? We offer a variety of permanent makeup options to enhance your features and simplify your beauty routine. Learn More About All Our Permanent Makeup Services


Lavoom Salon Microbalding Studio in Calgary

Are you considering getting your brows done but feeling unsure? If that sounds like you, this appointment is tailored perfectly for your needs!


While all Microblading, Combo, and Powder Brow appointments come with an in-session consultation, and we also provide FREE over-the-phone consultations, we understand that meeting in person might be preferable for some. That's why we offer an Optional In-Person Consultation just for you!


During this appointment, you'll receive a comprehensive consultation, eyebrow threading & shaping, and brow filling using our Lavoom Brow Pencil. This process allows us to demonstrate precisely how your brows should be shaped to enhance your natural beauty and frame your face correctly.


The appointment typically lasts 25-30 minutes, providing ample time for you to interact with your brow artist, ask any questions you may have, and explore your brow options in detail. To schedule, please call one of our Calgary Locations.


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