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Men’s Eyebrow Threading

Men’s Eyebrow Threading is something many men may not have heard about… but it is an excellent way to help shape your eyebrows without having them look too feminine!

  • A bi-weekly appointment to maintain your brows

    15 min

    25 Canadian dollars
  • Men's Threading - shape your eyebrows without looking too feminine!

    15 min

    25 Canadian dollars
  • Book a Consultation. Its Free!

    15 min

Looking For Eyebrow Shaping Calgary?

The simplest and most common men’s manscaping service is male eyebrow shaping.

No matter if you like changing up your eyebrows with every season or like to just keep the caterpillars friendly, but separated, men’s eyebrow grooming is necessary. Uni-brows are what separate us from the neanderthals. Eyebrow Threading is so easy and painless a caveman can do it!

The men’s natural brow service is done with either wax or threading for the main eyebrow shaping. Before any hair removal is done a quick consult will be done on shape and size so we don’t remove or leave too much hair. Any feral eyebrows will be tamed and shortened to fit into your natural eyebrow shape. Stubborn hair will be plucked and removed.

Eyebrow Shaping can be done with no wax and just be plucked and scissor cut. After your service is complete you can resume walking erect and stop dragging your knuckles. Book an appointment today for men’s eyebrow threading and other men’s waxing services.


What is the difference between Brow Tint and Brow Henna?

Brow Tint uses a similar dye that Hair Stylists use. The tint is mixed with a low percentage of hydrogen peroxide (3%) and then applied to the brows for 1-5 minutes and lasts on the hair for 2-4 weeks. Brow Henna is a specially formulated Henna mixture made specifically for eyebrows. The powder is mixed with a specially formulated mineral solution and then applied to the brows for 10-20 minutes. Brow Henna lasts on the brow hair for 4-6 weeks, and on the skin underneath the brow hair for up to 2-weeks! If you have very light eyebrows or do not normally wear a lot of brow makeup, we recommend starting with brow tinting. If you are used to a more filled-in and defined brow, are looking for a longer-lasting solution, have stubborn grey brow hairs, or are looking to camouflage gaps or sparse brow hair, we recommend booking a Brow Henna service.

Who is the ideal candidate for Brow Lamination?

  • Anyone looking to improve the overall look of their brow
  • Clients with Sparse Brows
  • Clients who are growing out their brows
  • Clients not ready to commit to Microblading or Micropigmentation
  • Clients with unruly brows
  • Clients with stubborn natural hair growth patterns

Who cannot get Brow Lamination?

  • Contraindications include:
  • Psoriasis/Eczema
  • Recent Eye Surgery
  • Alopecia
  • Recent Microblading or Micropigmentation (must be healed by 6 weeks)
  • Brow Henna (within 30-days)
  • Sunburn
  • Ultra-Sensitive Skin
  • Pink Eye
  • Scar Tissue in the treatment area
  • Brow Growth Serums
  • Clients with very thick, dense brow hair
All of the contraindications listed above can affect the integrity of the skin. Being that we are applying a chemical to the skin, the skin needs to meet the requirements in order to execute an ideal result with no irritation.

What are the aftercare instructions for Brow Lamination?

  • Do not wet your brows for 24-48 hours
  • Avoid touching the brow area to the risk of transferring oils
  • Do not apply makeup to the brows for 24-hours post-treatment
  • Do not apply Retin A, AHA or exfoliate the brow area for 72-hours before or after the treatment
  • Do not use any self-tanning products on the face for at least 48-hours post-treatment
  • Comb the hairs into place each day

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How Often Should I Come In For Eyebrow Shaping?

Everyone’s hair growth cycle is different, therefore the time between appointments can vary from 4-6 weeks. If you have minimal or slow hair growth and are trying to grow out your eyebrows, we recommend waiting longer between appointments. If your hair grows in very quickly, we recommend starting off with a length of time between bookings that allows the hairs to fully grow in. Once all hairs in the area have grown in, we wax the unwanted hairs to bring everything to the same hair growth pattern. From then on, we recommend leaving 4-6 weeks between appointments. Ultimately, your appointment frequency should be based on your personal preference and brow needs.

Do you offer Men's Eyebrows Shaping Services?

Yes! Men’s Eyebrow Threading is something many men may not have heard about… but it is an excellent way to help shape your eyebrows without having it look too feminine! It’s an ancient technique that’s fast and lends itself to creating a very natural shape and look to your eyebrows.



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