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Facial Threading Calgary

Understanding the Types of Facial Threading


Facial threading gently removes unwanted hair, making it suitable for sensitive skin types. It's a precise hair removal method that leaves your skin smooth and hair-free without irritation.

Facial threading offers a meticulous approach to removing unwanted hair, ensuring each hair is targeted and removed with accuracy

The more you thread, the less your hair grows over time. How great is that? By your third session, you’ll see a noticeable difference in facial hair regrowth. The hair that does grow back will be fine and sparse.

Face Threading pulls hair from the root, weakening hair follicles over time. Enjoy soft and supple skin for up to several weeks, with finer and less noticeable regrowth after each session.

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What to Expect

A reservation with one of our Brow Artist will help you determine exactly where you should remove any pesky little hairs from your face. 

If it’s your first facial threading, it's important to know what to expect prior to your reservation. 


You'll love how smooth and flawless your new, fuzz-free face will feel when you leave one of our salons after a face wax. We want you to continue to love the results in between reservations, so here are some tips on how to maintain your threading results.

Facial Threading Near Me - Calgary Hair Removal Experts

Looking for a natural and precise method to remove facial hair in Calgary? At Lavoom Salon, our facial threading services offer a gentle yet effective way to shape your brows and remove unwanted facial hair. Whether you’re aiming for perfectly shaped eyebrows or a smooth upper lip, facial threading provides precise results without the use of chemicals.

Facial threading at Lavoom Salon involves our skilled technicians using a fine thread to remove unwanted hair from the root, leaving your skin smooth and flawless. It’s a method known for its accuracy in shaping eyebrows and maintaining the natural arch.


Our threading experts recommend pairing our Facial Threading service with our soothing post-threading treatments to calm your skin and reduce any temporary redness.

Discover why Lavoom Salon is the preferred choice for threading near me in Calgary. Experience the art of facial threading with us and achieve beautifully sculpted brows and radiant skin. Visit our salon to explore our range of threading services and enhance your natural beauty!

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