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Microblading / PMU Services

Beyond fuller eyebrows, a more striking and powerful look.

Semi-permanent tattooing for enhanced, natural-looking eyebrows — a long-lasting solution to thin, sparse, or uneven brows.

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  • Fine semi-permanent hair strokes under the skin to create natural-look...

    2 hr

    450 Canadian dollars
  • Wake up every morning with gorgeous, fluffy brows without having to re...

    2 hr 30 min

    550 Canadian dollars
  • Introducing Combo Brows! Perfectly blend Microblading and shading for ...

    2 hr 30 min

    650 Canadian dollars
  • Radiant Smiles: Lip Blush for Youthful, Fuller Lips!

    2 hr

    400 Canadian dollars
  • Effortless Elegance: Classic Permanent Eyeliner for Radiant Eyes!

    1 hr

    300 Canadian dollars
  • Elevate your charm, one wing at a time.

    2 hr

    350 Canadian dollars
  • Done 4-6 weeks after initial session (for both, eyebrow and lips).

    1 hr

    150 Canadian dollars
  • For stubborn skin that is resisting pigment. This can only be fulfille...

    1 hr

    150 Canadian dollars
  • A refresh booked within 1-2 years from your last appointment.

    1 hr 30 min

    250 Canadian dollars

Brow Microbalding Information

Traditional Microblading

Traditional or classic microblading is a form of eyebrow tattooing that involves the use of a fine blade to deposit pigment under the skin. The result is a pair of eyebrows that look natural yet well-defined. Microblading is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to create brows that look flawlessly shaped and precisely filled in, a visual feat that can be difficult to achieve with makeup alone. Microblading is also known as feather touch, feathering, or hair stroke, providing eyebrow restoration with the illusion of volume and density.

Microblading is the preferred option for those with normal to dry skin, as those with oily skin may experience smudging of the incised lines. 

Microblading Technique

At Lavoom Salon, the journey begins with a thorough consultation where the client and technician collaborate on defining the desired shape, colour, and overall expectations for the eyebrows. Using expertise and precision, the technician carefully selects a pigment that harmonizes with the client's natural hair color, pupil color, and skin tone. Prior to the procedure, a Lavoom Salon numbing cream is applied for comfort, requiring approximately 20 minutes to take effect. While mild discomfort may be experienced by some clients, it is typically manageable.

During the procedure, a handheld tool equipped with an ultra-fine needle is utilized by the technician to create shallow incisions in the outer layer of the skin, delicately depositing the selected pigment in tiny, hair-like strokes. These strokes emulate the natural growth pattern of eyebrow hairs, resulting in brows that appear fuller and impeccably defined. Depending on the intricacy of the desired design, the process generally spans around 2-3 hours.

In the subsequent weeks, the pigment may initially appear darker but will gradually lighten and settle into the desired shade. For enduring and gratifying outcomes, a touch-up session is typically advised approximately 4-6 weeks post the initial procedure to refine the shape and color to perfection.

Ombré Shading

Ombre brows are a subcategory of powder brows in which the same process is applied to elicit a gradient rather than a uniform effect. Suitable for those with combination or oily skin, ombre brows display transitional shading that enhances depth and brightens the face. 

Shading Technique

After adhering to standard consultation and treatment area preparation procedures, a technician will utilize a handheld tool to delicately etch small, precise pokes into the skin, commencing from the front of the eyebrow and progressing toward the tail.


As the procedure advances, the technician will gradually modulate the pressure and depth of the pokes to achieve the desired gradient effect. The front of the brows will retain a lighter hue, while the intensity will augment towards the arch and tail. This meticulous technique facilitates a seamless fusion between the lightly shaded and deeply shaded areas, resulting in a natural appearance.

Throughout the process, the technician will intermittently step back to evaluate the symmetry and harmony of the brows, making necessary adjustments to ensure a harmonious outcome.

Upon completion of the ombre shading, the technician will cleanse the area once more and apply a soothing ointment.

Combination Brows

Combination brows artfully blend the best of classic microblading and powder brows. The treatment starts with delicate hair strokes in the front section to create a lifelike illusion while gradually transitioning to a more powdered finish towards the tail. Unlike ombre shading, which uses the same technique from front to end, combination brows employ two distinct methods. 

Combination Technique

The procedure initiates with a comprehensive consultation, during which the technician meticulously assesses the client's facial features, skin tone, and natural eyebrow shape. Drawing from this analysis, the artist recommends an appropriate combination brow style that harmonizes with the client's overall appearance.

In the initial phase of the procedure, microblading is employed to replicate tiny, hair-like strokes, meticulously etching them into the front of the brow using a specialized microblading tool. Following the completion of the microblading phase, the shading process ensues. Utilizing a distinct tool, the technician delicately applies soft layers of pigment from the middle to the tail-end of the brow, crafting a gradual transition of colour.

The fusion of microblading and shading techniques facilitates a versatile and lifelike outcome. Microblading imparts the illusion of individual hairs, while shading bestows a denser appearance to the brows, resulting in impeccably defined, natural-looking brows that necessitate minimal upkeep.

Pre and Post-Care Instructions

How to prepare for your appointment:

There are a few things you can do to prepare for the procedure:

  1. Avoid Sun Exposure and Tanning: Refrain from sun exposure or tanning for at least two weeks before your appointment. Tan or sunburnt skin can compromise the application's longevity and cause the pigment to fade quickly.

  2. Do not Pick or Tweeze Your Eyebrows: Avoid plucking or tweezing your eyebrows for at least one week prior to the procedure. However, it's essential to maintain cleanliness and groom your eyebrows weeks/months after the session, as microblading does not remove hair.

  3. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol: These beverages can thin your blood, potentially leading to bleeding during the microblading service. Therefore, it's advisable to abstain from caffeine and alcohol for at least 24 hours before your treatment.

  4. Have Clean and Makeup-Free Skin: Arrive at your appointment with clean, makeup-free skin. Ensure your skin is devoid of makeup, oils, and lotions to facilitate the microblading process.

  5. Avoid Working Out and/or Sweating: Steer clear of strenuous physical activities and sweating 24 hours before and up to two weeks after the appointment. Sweating and heat can open up pores, potentially affecting the pigment's retention.

  6. Avoid Tylenol and other Blood Thinning Medicines: Consult your physician or medical professional before treatment if you are on medication or have a medical condition that involves blood thinning medicines.

After Care

Following your procedure, adhering to the provided aftercare instructions is crucial for optimal results. While specific instructions will be tailored to your treatment at Lavoom Salon, the general guidelines outlined below apply to all services:

  1. Keep the Area Clean and Dry: Maintain cleanliness by avoiding water contact for the first 7 days, both in the morning and at night. This prevents bacterial growth and buildup of products, oils, and dead skin.

  2. Apply Ointment: Apply a thin layer of ointment to the treated area 2-3 times daily during the first week to promote healing and moisturization.

  3. Avoid Sun Exposure: Steer clear of direct sun exposure and tanning for at least 2 weeks post-procedure. We recommend extending this period to 4 weeks to protect the pigment's integrity.

  4. Prevent Picking or Scratching: Refrain from picking or scratching at the treated area to prevent disruption of the healing process and pigment retention.

  5. Avoid Makeup on Brows: Do not apply makeup to the brows for at least 7 days post-procedure to allow the skin to heal properly.

  6. Minimize Exercise and Sweating: Avoid vigorous exercise and excessive sweating for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. Extending this period to 4 weeks is recommended to ensure optimal healing and pigment retention.


If you're seeking microblading services in the Calgary area, Lavoom Salon offers exclusive services at our Marda Loop location. Book online or contact us to schedule your appointment today! Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve the beautiful and natural look you desire.

Brow Microblading
Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve gotten microblading before, you may already know what kind of package you want. However, if you’re new to microblading, you probably still have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about microblading.

  • How long does brow lamination last?
    The Brow lamination service performed by Lavoom Salon typically lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Is it safe?
    Yes, brow lamination is a safe and non-invasive beauty treatment.
  • Can I get brow lamination if I have sensitive skin?
    Absolutely! Brow lamination is suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin. Opt of Patch Test if you want to make sure you will not react.
  • How much does brow lamination cost?
    The Brow Lamination services at Lavoom Salon cost $80.
  • Can I still shape my brows after the lamination?
    Yes! Brow lamination allows for more flexibility in shaping and styling your brows. You can still tweeze or trim your brows according to your desired shape after the lamination process. However, it is recommended to consult with our experts at Lavoom Salon for professional advice on maintaining the best shape for your brows.
  • How should I care for my brows after the lamination treatment?
    After brow lamination, it is important to follow the post-care instructions provided by our estheticians. These may include avoiding excessive moisture on the brows, refraining from rubbing the area, and using nourishing serums or brow oils to keep the hairs hydrated and healthy.
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Permanent makeup (PMU) refers to cosmetic enhancement aimed at enhancing features such as eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner by implanting pigments into the skin. These procedures utilize specialized techniques and pigments to achieve long-lasting.

Learn More About Microblading

Are you searching for the ultimate destination for eyebrow restoration in Calgary? Look no further! Lavoom Salon specializes in revitalizing your brows, providing expert solutions to enhance your natural beauty. With skilled technicians and state-of-the-art techniques, we ensure precise, stunning results tailored to your unique features. Say goodbye to sparse or uneven brows and hello to a revitalized, confident look.

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