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Threading Experts

Eyebrow threading in Calgary is our specialty at Lavoom Salon. We are Calgary's 1st ever eyebrow salon! Our Artists are trained, professional, and experienced brow experts. We have threaded over 200,000 Clients!

Close-up of expert threading eyebrows at Lavoom Salon in Calgary
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Eyebrow threading and shaping is more than just a service—it's an experience! Come have a seat in our chair and find out for yourself!

We offer a unique eyebrow threading experience, the Lavoom Brow Design, where each new client is consulted and educated on the perfect shape for their brows. This appointment includes a thorough consultation, eyebrow trimming, threading and shaping, colour matching, and filling with our Lavoom Brow Pencil.

Eyebrow threading is perfect for all skin types, ages, and both men and women! It is the least invasive method of facial hair removal and is suitable for everyone. Our clients range from 14 to 80 years old with all different skin types.

Threading is the most precise form of brow shaping! Our signature threading technique allows us to shape a client’s brow with precision and create a beautiful, natural, and precise shape. Unlike tweezing, threading can remove hair individually or in rows, creating the perfect shape and arch with clean, defined lines.

Threading is quick and effective! A threading appointment usually takes about 35 minutes for new clients and 25 minutes for regular clients. Threading also lasts longer than waxing or tweezing. Most clients come around once a month to keep their brows perfectly shaped!

Threading is 100% organic! We use 100% cotton thread to remove unwanted hair by twisting the thread into knots, trapping the hair, and swiftly lifting it out of the follicle. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin and those using prescription medications or retinol because it minimizes pulling on the skin itself.

Not only do we shape your brows to perfection, but we also fill them in for you, absolutely free! All clients will be colour-matched with our Lavoom Brow Pencil. During your appointment, we will also teach you how to fill in your brows so you can do it on your own.

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Where Can I Get My Eyebrows Threaded?

Lavoom Salon offers the most popular Eyebrow Threading services near you in Calgary. We offer threading for eyebrows, full face, lip & chin, sideburns, and even eyebrow threading for men. Our Lavoom Brow Design service is perfect for both first-time clients and those seeking a personalized brow shape. At Lavoom Salon, we understand the impact well-shaped eyebrows can have on your face. We create a shape that considers your face shape, existing hair, daily maintenance, and desired look. 

A brow maintenance appointment is the best way to keep your brows looking perfect at all times. Following your initial Lavoom Brow Design appointment, your brow expert will keep detailed notes to ensure consistently beautiful brows at every visit. This dedication to consistency has made Lavoom Salon a Calgary favourite since 1993. Walk out feeling confident and beautiful with perfectly groomed brows every single time!

How Threading Works.

Threading hair removal uses twisted thread to grab and remove unwanted hair from the root. Unlike tweezing, which removes single hairs, threading tackles entire rows at once. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin and those using prescription medications or retinol because it minimizes pulling on the skin itself.

Find Us.

  • Chinook Location: The first Lavoom Salon opened its doors in 1993, establishing our reputation for clean and modernly designed salons staffed by meticulous aestheticians. Nestled in the heart of Chinook next door to the Evolutions School of Dance, this location offers services that include hair, threading, waxing, lashes, makeup and facials. Book Now or Get Directions

  • Marda Loop Location: The next time you're in Marda Loop, stop by Lavoom Salon, located just behind Aroma Café Bar and La Diperie Marda Loop, so treat yourself to a coffee or ice cream on your way in or out. If you do so on the way in, we would be happy to remove your "milk mustache" free of charge! Book Now or Get Directions

Meet Your Brow Experts

At Lavoom Salon, we have a team of certified brow threading specialists (Browistas!) who are passionate about creating the perfect brows for you. Our Browistas undergo rigorous training to master the art of eyebrow threading and understand facial anatomy, hair growth patterns, and the latest brow trends in Calgary. This expertise allows them to create personalized brow shapes that flatter your unique features. 

Services & Prices


Lavoom Brow Design

Our signature threading service for a perfect brow shape.


Brow Maintenance

Maintain your perfect brows with regular threading appointments.


Men's Natural Brow

Precise threading & shaping for a natural, masculine look.

What Our Clients Are Saying

What Our Clients Are Saying

Book Your Appointment Today!

Upgrade your brow game with professional threading in Calgary at Lavoom Salon! We're your local destination for beautiful, natural-looking brows that frame your face perfectly. Ditch the tweezers and experience the art of threading for precise shaping and long-lasting results. Book your appointment today!

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