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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Permanent Makeup

Wake up looking fantastic

Calgary's Trusted Permanent Makeup Experts

Do you dream of waking up with flawless eyebrows, defined eyes, and kiss-proof lips? Permanent makeup (PMU) from Lavoom Salon in Calgary can make that dream a reality! Our experienced and certified technicians specialize in a variety of PMU services designed to enhance your natural beauty and simplify your daily routine.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup:

  • Save Time: Eliminate the daily hassle of applying and reapplying makeup.

  • Effortless Beauty: Look polished and feel confident all day long.

  • Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy beautiful features for up to 18 months with proper care.

  • Water-Resistant: No smudging or fading, even during workouts or in hot weather.

  • Natural Enhancement: Our techniques create subtle, realistic results that complement your features.

Considering Permanent Makeup?

At Lavoom Salon, we understand that permanent makeup is a big decision. That's why we offer a free consultation to discuss your goals, answer your questions, and help you choose the perfect PMU service for your needs. During your consultation, we will:

  • Discuss your desired outcome and preferred look.

  • Analyze your skin type and facial features.

  • Recommend the most suitable PMU technique(s).

  • Explain the procedure in detail.

  • Address any concerns you may have.

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Eyebrows play a crucial role in shaping your face and influencing your overall appearance. Sparse brows, uneven shapes, or fading makeup can leave you feeling frustrated. At Lavoom Salon, we offer permanent makeup solutions to help you achieve beautiful, defined eyebrows that last.


Our specialized techniques like microblading, powder brows, and ombre brows can create natural-looking, hair-like strokes or a soft, shaded effect. This eliminates the daily hassle of applying and reapplying eyebrow makeup, leaving you with smudge-proof confidence.


This technique uses fine needles to deposit pigment into the skin, creating hair-like strokes for a natural, realistic look. Perfect for those seeking to fill in sparse areas or redefine eyebrow shape. Learn more about Microblading Eyebrows

Nano Hair Strokes

Utilizing a digital machine, this technique implants pigment with a nano needle, achieving incredibly fine hair strokes for a hyper-realistic effect. Ideal for those who desire a very natural, subtle enhancement.


This technique creates a soft, powdered effect that adds definition and fullness to the brows. It's perfect for those who prefer a softer, shaded look compared to individual hair strokes.

Hair Strokes & Soft Shading

This combined technique is ideal for clients with little to no natural eyebrow hair. By creating hair-like strokes and adding subtle shading behind them, we achieve a beautiful, natural-looking blend with added depth and dimension.

Enhance and Define Your Eyes with Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a key element in any makeup routine, defining your lash line, creating the illusion of thicker lashes, and accentuating your eyes. Our permanent eyeliner service offers customized solutions for the top, bottom, or both eyelids, tailored to your unique eye shape and preferences.

Permanent Lip Makeup

Perfect Your Pout with Long-Lasting Lip Blush

Our lip blush treatment is designed to create beautifully shaped and colored lips, providing a defined and fuller appearance. You can choose to replicate your natural lip colour or achieve the look of your favourite lipstick. With a wide range of colours available, lip blush eliminates the need for daily lipstick application.

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Book a free consultation with Lavoom Salon today and discover how permanent makeup can transform your daily routine and enhance your natural beauty! Our experienced technicians will answer your questions, discuss your goals, and recommend the perfect service to achieve your desired look.

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