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Eyebrow tinting is a procedure that involves applying a semi-permanent dye to the eyebrows. This treatment creates a bolder, more defined look, enhancing the shape and colour of your brows. It also eliminates the need for daily eyebrow makeup, giving you effortlessly beautiful brows every day.

Applying eyebrow tint for a professional tinting service at Lavoom Salon in Calgary.

What to Expect

Here’s how our brow artist and wax specialists create flawless brows that accentuate your natural beauty and frame your face.


  • How long does brow lamination last?
    The Brow lamination service performed by Lavoom Salon typically lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Is it safe?
    Yes, brow lamination is a safe and non-invasive beauty treatment.
  • Can I get brow lamination if I have sensitive skin?
    Absolutely! Brow lamination is suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin. Opt of Patch Test if you want to make sure you will not react.
  • How much does brow lamination cost?
    The Brow Lamination services at Lavoom Salon cost $80.
  • Can I still shape my brows after the lamination?
    Yes! Brow lamination allows for more flexibility in shaping and styling your brows. You can still tweeze or trim your brows according to your desired shape after the lamination process. However, it is recommended to consult with our experts at Lavoom Salon for professional advice on maintaining the best shape for your brows.
  • How should I care for my brows after the lamination treatment?
    After brow lamination, it is important to follow the post-care instructions provided by our estheticians. These may include avoiding excessive moisture on the brows, refraining from rubbing the area, and using nourishing serums or brow oils to keep the hairs hydrated and healthy.


Keep your brows looking beautiful. Follow these easy care instructions for eyebrow tint aftercare to maintain maximum boldness in between your reservations.

Eyebrow Tinting Near Me: Enhance Your Brows at Lavoom Salon Calgary

Enhance Your Brows with Natural-Looking Colour

Looking for perfectly shaped and defined brows in Calgary? Eyebrow tinting can add depth and definition to your brows, highlighting your facial expressions beautifully. At Lavoom Salon in Calgary, our Brow Artists will help you choose the perfect semi-permanent eyebrow tint to enhance your natural features. We use high-quality products for long-lasting results that won't fade quickly. Our tinting process can also address sparse areas or uneven brow colour, creating a uniform and polished look.

Before you start, it's essential to choose a tint that complements your natural eyebrow and hair colour. Our experts are here to help you find the perfect match. The first step in the tinting process is to clean and prepare your eyebrows.

Once your brows are prepped, we apply the high-quality, semi-permanent tint that suits your colour profile. This professional-grade tint ensures long-lasting results that won't fade quickly. If you have sparse areas or uneven colour, our tinting process will fill in gaps and create a uniform look.

Our top tip: For the best results, avoid getting your eyebrows wet for at least 24 hours after tinting. This helps the colour set and ensures it lasts longer. Our eyebrow tinting also pairs perfectly with our brow shaping services, like threading or waxing, for a complete brow makeover.

Discover the transformative power of eyebrow tinting at Lavoom Salon. Our skilled technicians provide a natural-looking finish that enhances your brows and highlights your facial features. Say goodbye to daily brow makeup and enjoy effortlessly defined brows every day.

Visit Lavoom Salon in Calgary to experience our professional eyebrow tinting near me and elevate your brow game with stunning, long-lasting results.

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