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How to get the perfect eyebrows with brow design

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Lavoom Brow and Lash Artistry have developed a brow design service for clients that are interested in learning about services and products that enhance their natural eyebrows. During this appointment, you will have the opportunity to talk with our brow artist and discuss your ideal brows.

No more guesswork! Our system will take your brows to the next level.

Brow Design services Calgary blog post

Benefits of Good Brows

Well-designed brows not only balance facial features, they beautifully frame your eyes and face resulting in an overall polished appearance. Read more about our eyebrow services to understand their benefit.

Eyebrows are one of your most important facial features. They help you express emotions, add flair to your look, and can even affect the shape of your face and overall aesthetic appearance. Having your eyebrows regularly trimmed, groomed, or maintained by a professional is therefore very important and can help:

  1. Accentuate your eyes

  2. Make you look more youthful

  3. Create a polished look

  4. Hide certain flaws, such as small eyes, eyes that are far apart, or hooded eyes

Get one step closer to achieving flawless, effortless beauty.

Stages to Brow Design

Our Brow Design service offers you an understanding of every step as we shape your eyebrows and help you grow in and maintain your best eyebrow shape. We take the time to walk you through everything step of the process and help you to understand how we can create your perfect brow!

Here are the stages of brow design you can expect during your appointment:

Design: In this first step, we analyze your facial features, bone structure, and eyebrow hair growth patterns to map the following:

  • Where your ideal brow should start and end,

  • Where your arch and peak should be

  • Eyebrow thickness.

Shape: By now you are probably aware of the importance of properly shaped eyebrows, but read about what method of shaping works best on eyebrow waxing, threading, or plucking. Threading or waxing and Tweezing are the methods we use to remove any unwanted hair. Long hairs that fall outside of the map are then trimmed.

Educate: What services and products would work best for you, and how to use products tailored to your brows?

Tips & Tricks: On how to maintain your beautiful new brows between appointments.

All of our Brow artists understand the importance of eyebrow shape in relation to your overall look. Every Brow artist is meticulous and extremely detail-oriented because they know that every hair matters. This knowledge is what drives our experts to create a beautifully balanced shape for all of our guests!

Eyebrow Care


  • Do not over-tweeze. Only remove hairs outside of the map (ask your technician)

  • Do not trim brows yourself

  • Do come in for maintenance to keep your brows looking their best

For additional information about brow maintenance, read our blog post: The Brow Maintenance Schedule *Every* Woman must follow

Our Brow Guarantee

We style brows with only one goal in mind…giving our clients their best brows. When designing brows, we will only remove hair once you are completely satisfied with the shape. If for any reason, you are not happy with the styling of our eyebrow sculpting, please notify us within 24 hours and we will adjust until you are delighted.

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