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Perfect Brows for Every Face Shape

Discover Your Ideal Brows

Brows are the defining frames of your face, and at Lavoom Salon, we believe they should be as unique as you are. Your perfect eyebrow shape can not only elevate your entire appearance but also enhance your natural features, giving you a more youthful and polished look.

Choosing the right brow style goes beyond trends; it's about complementing your individual face shape. Whether you're recovering from overplucked arches or seeking to refine bushy brows, our ultimate guide will help you find the best eyebrow shapes tailored to your face shape.

Identify Your Face Shape

Round face Shape



A round face shape characterized by its gentle, curved chin, where the cheekbones take the lead as the widest part of the face. The face is nearly as wide as it is long.

Opting for rounded brows on a round face can inadvertently accentuate its roundness. To enhance a round face, it's advisable to keep the brows soft and gently curved. Elevating the arch and extending the tails can effectively create the optical illusion of a longer face, contributing to a more balanced and flattering appearance.

Oval Face Shape



An oval face shape has a forehead not significantly wider than the chin, an oval face shape features a soft chin and subtle curves on the sides of the face.

If you have an oval face, you'll find that it complements most brow styles. To achieve the most flattering brows for your facial structure, it's recommended to steer clear of overly angular shapes. Opt for soft characteristics that gracefully reflect the natural features of your face.

Square Face shape guide



Square face shapes are characterized by their strong and defined features, exhibiting straight sides of the face and an angular jawline.

To ensure that your brows perfectly complement your distinctive face shape, opt for angular shapes that harmonize with its natural contours. A lifted arch and extended tail play a crucial role in elongating the face. Avoiding flat brows, which can emphasize the square shape, and steering clear of rounded brows, which may not enhance your features, will contribute to a more flattering and balanced look.

Oblong face shape guide



An oblong, long, or rectangle face shape shares characteristics with a square face. In this shape, the forehead, cheeks, and jawline exhibit approximately the same width, with minimal curvature in the chin.

To craft the most flattering brows for this face shape, consider adding length to the tail and spacing them further apart at the front. This technique creates the illusion of a wider forehead, contributing to a more balanced appearance. Opting for an angular shape further enhances and complements the natural features of this face shape.

Heart face shape guide



In the case of a heart-shaped face, the broadest section is the forehead, tapering down to a narrow, pointed chin. The correct choice of brows can create the illusion of a smaller forehead and soften the chin.

Opting for rounded brows can elegantly highlight the contours of a heart-shaped face. We suggest a softly shaped brow with a slight curve, maintaining a shorter length and positioning them close together. This technique effectively draws attention to the middle of the face, creating a balanced and harmonious look.

Pear face shape guide



Recognized as a triangle-shaped face, individuals with a pear-shaped face boast a well-defined jawline that tapers up to the hairline.

Brows that are excessively short or flat may not accentuate your natural beauty to its full potential. Opting for longer and arched eyebrows will prove most flattering, enhancing the overall proportions of your face. This approach can even create the illusion of a narrower lower half, contributing to a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Perfect Brows Tailored for You

Explore the art of perfectly tailored brows with Lavoom Salon's comprehensive eyebrow services, including our exclusive Brow Design. Our skilled Brow Artists specialize in shaping brows to enhance your natural beauty, taking into account your unique face shape. The Lavoom Brow Design service involves a personalized consultation to identify the most flattering brow shape for you, ensuring harmony with your facial features.

From precise threading to meticulous waxing, our techniques guarantee perfectly aligned brows that elevate your overall appearance. Step into Lavoom Salon, where personalized and perfect brows are crafted by our experienced Brow Artists.

Eyebrow Threading in Calgary

Find Your Brow Shape in Salon

Book an appointment with us today and discover how Lavoom Salon's eyebrow shaping services can elevate your look, giving you the confidence that comes with perfectly defined and beautifully shaped brows.

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