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How to Find Your Perfect Eyebrow Colour A Guide to Brow Tint Selection

Capturing the essence of well-defined eyebrows is an art, as they not only frame your face but also elevate the allure of your eyes. However, navigating the realm of brow colors can be a challenge. The wrong shade might overshadow your features, while the perfect hue can take your entire look to new heights. At Lavoom Salon in Calgary, we understand the importance of brow perfection, especially when it comes to our expert Brow Tint services.

how to find your brow tint colour

Can You Dye Your Eyebrows?

Absolutely! Brow tinting is the ideal solution for a range of brow dilemmas, offering flawless results that DIY products often struggle to achieve. For those with naturally fair or light-colored eyebrows, the tinting process at Lavoom Salon enhances and defines, providing a striking frame for the face. If age or sun exposure has led to hair discoloration, our professional brow tinting service can restore a youthful vibrancy to your brows. Whether dealing with sparse or overplucked eyebrows or uneven brows, the carefully selected tint color seamlessly fills in gaps, creating a fuller and more balanced appearance. Lavoom Salon's semi-permanent brow tinting not only addresses these common concerns but also eliminates the need for daily makeup applications, offering a low-maintenance yet impactful solution. Say goodbye to the risks of a DIY mishap and trust our skilled experts at Lavoom Salon to enhance your brows with precision and expertise.

The Artistry Behind Brow Tinting

Brow tinting is more than just a beauty trend; it's a subtle yet impactful way to accentuate your natural beauty. Our semi-permanent brow tinting service at Lavoom Salon is designed to enhance the colour and definition of your eyebrows, creating a polished and harmonious look. Whether you have light or dark hair, our expert stylists can tailor the tint to complement your unique features.

Finding Your Brow Colour

Your brow colour should complement your hair colour, taking into account the natural undertones of your hair, skin, and overall features. Lavoom Salon provides expert tips to help you choose the perfect shade:

  1. Determine Your Undertone: Understanding your skin's undertone is crucial. Whether you have warm, cool, neutral, or olive undertones, our professional stylists can recommend the ideal taupe-toned or ashier brow colors for cooler tones and bronze or red-toned colors for warmer tones.

  2. Match Your Hair Colour: Harmonize your brow colour with your hair colour. Choose a shade slightly darker if you have light hair and a shade lighter for dark hair, creating a natural and cohesive look.

  3. Consider Your Eyebrow Shape: Your eyebrow shape influences the colour choice. Opt for a shade close to your natural hair colour to fill sparse eyebrows and go slightly darker for a more defined, bold appearance.

  4. Skin Tone and Eye Colour: Take your skin tone and eye color into account. Lighter shades like taupe or light brown suit fair skin and light eyes, while deeper complexions may opt for darker browns or soft blacks to enhance their features.

How to Colour Your Brows

Brow Tinting in Calgary

Now that you've found your ideal brow colour, it's time to bring it to life! Lavoom Salon offers the following popular methods for colouring brows:

  • Brow Tinting: Our ultimate solution for darkening and defining brows with a long-lasting, natural hue. Our professional stylists ensure your brow shape complements your features, guiding you to the best tint color for your unique look.

  • Brow Pencils: A quick fix for filling in sparse areas. Lavoom Salon offers the Perfect Brow Pencil, providing a range of colours from medium brow to blonde to dark brown. Choose a pencil matching your brow colour and create natural-looking strokes.

  • Brow Powders: For a soft, natural look, DIY powders can be applied with an angled brush to fill in sparse areas seamlessly.

  • Brow Gels and Mascara: Set your brows in place while adding volume for a feathery look.

Why Choose Professional Brow Tinting at Lavoom Salon?

Brow tinting at Lavoom Salon is a game-changer for long-lasting color enhancement. Our eyebrow tint can last up to four weeks, offering a low-maintenance option to enhance your brows without daily makeup application.

Choose from a range of tint colours based on your preference, and let our professional stylists provide precise application, emphasizing your desired brow shape. Trust us with your first visit and every visit after to take your brows to new levels!

Ready to achieve the perfect tint for your brow goals? Our expert team at Lavoom Salon in Calgary is eager to assist you. Book your appointment now and elevate your brow game with professional brow tinting at Lavoom Salon!


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