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Eyebrow Tinting 101: How to Get Salon-Worthy Brows

Updated: Apr 4

What is Eyebrow Tinting? Our Best Brow Guide


Are you exhausted from spending thirty minutes each day perfecting your eyebrows? If your brow pencil is the most frequently used item in your makeup kit, it's time to explore a simpler solution.

While your brows play a crucial role in framing your eyes and adding dimension to your face, you don't need to obsess over them every day. Instead, we suggest opting for eyebrow tinting!

This procedure is both swift and painless, offering significant benefits to your daily beauty routine. Today, we'll delve into the process, what to anticipate, and why it's becoming one of the most popular beauty hacks.


Before we explore how it can transform your morning rituals, let's start with the basics. What exactly is eyebrow tinting?

In essence, it's a technique where a professional colours the hairs of your eyebrows. This method aids in enhancing their volume and adding depth. Whether you naturally have sparse brows or have over-tweezed them over time, tinting can provide the fuller, more luxurious appearance you desire.

Here are some common questions about this process along with the essential answers you should be aware of.


With so many eyebrow services to choose from, why should you opt to change your eyebrow shade? Here are a few of the main reasons why clients choose to get their eyebrows tinted:

  • Fuller, healthier-looking brows

  • Darker eyebrows

  • Simpler makeup routine

  • More youthful appearance

  • Better-defined brow shape

  • Long-lasting results

  • Pain-free enhancement

  • No smudging or smearing

  • Symmetrical brows

When your brows are already ready to go, you don't have to worry about using a pencil to darken or shape them in the morning. This helps you get out the door quicker, so you have more time to focus on the rest of your routine. In addition to more depth and dimension, you'll notice that your brows also look longer.

Natural brows tend to lighten toward the ends, as the hair becomes finer. With tinting, you can have colour all the way to the tip! Plus, you don't have to worry about using a ton of extra products to get this look. This means you don't have to accent your eyes with expensive mascara or artificial lashes -- your brows will speak for themselves!


Your brow colour should complement your hair colour, taking into account the natural undertones of your hair, skin, and overall features. Lavoom Salon provides expert tips to help you choose the perfect shade:

  1. Determine Your Undertone: Understanding your skin's undertone is crucial. Whether you have warm, cool, neutral, or olive undertones, our professional stylists can recommend the ideal taupe-toned or ashier brow colors for cooler tones and bronze or red-toned colors for warmer tones.

  2. Match Your Hair Colour: Harmonize your brow colour with your hair colour. Choose a shade slightly darker if you have light hair and a shade lighter for dark hair, creating a natural and cohesive look.

  3. Consider Your Eyebrow Shape: Your eyebrow shape influences the colour choice. Opt for a shade close to your natural hair colour to fill sparse eyebrows and go slightly darker for a more defined, bold appearance.

  4. Skin Tone and Eye Colour: Take your skin tone and eye color into account. Lighter shades like taupe or light brown suit fair skin and light eyes, while deeper complexions may opt for darker browns or soft blacks to enhance their features.

How to Colour Your Brows

before and after eyebrow tinting at Lavoom Salon
Before and After Eyebrow Tinting at Lavoom Salon

Now that you've found your ideal brow colour, it's time to bring it to life! Lavoom Salon offers the following popular methods for colouring brows:

  • Brow Tinting: Our ultimate solution for darkening and defining brows with a long-lasting, natural hue. Our professional stylists ensure your brow shape complements your features, guiding you to the best tint color for your unique look.

  • Brow Pencils: A quick fix for filling in sparse areas. Lavoom Salon offers the Perfect Brow Pencil, providing a range of colours from medium brow to blonde to dark brown. Choose a pencil matching your brow colour and create natural-looking strokes.

  • Brow Powders: For a soft, natural look, DIY powders can be applied with an angled brush to fill in sparse areas seamlessly.

  • Brow Gels and Mascara: Set your brows in place while adding volume for a feathery look.

Why Choose Professional Brow Tinting at Lavoom Salon?

In summary, delving into the fundamentals of eyebrow tinting through our guide unlocks the pathway to achieving salon-worthy brows at Lavoom Salon. Equipped with newfound knowledge, you're poised to experience the transformative effects of expertly tinted eyebrows. Whether you're seeking fuller, darker brows or aiming to simplify your beauty routine, our professional team at Lavoom Salon is dedicated to helping you achieve your brow goals. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we invite you to discover the confidence-boosting power of eyebrow tinting at Lavoom Salon. Elevate your look and embrace the beauty of perfectly defined brows with us. Schedule your appointment today and step into a world of personalized beauty and self-assurance at Lavoom Salon!

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