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Your Brow Dilemmas, Solved.

Struggling with uneven brows? Whether regrowing overplucked arches or seeking balance, Lavoom Salon has the solution to any eyebrow dilemma. Our expert services cater to your unique needs, ensuring perfectly shaped and even brows.


Uneven eyebrows occur when one set of brow hairs has a different shape, length, or arch than the other eyebrow. The shape of your eyebrows can appear uneven if you have patchy spots in your eyebrows or if your brow hairs extend longer on one side. Some eyebrows also differ in the arch, as one set of brow hairs grows higher than the other set.

Uneven eyebrows can occur naturally or result from cosmetic treatments. Uneven eyebrow threading, waxing, microblading, or plucking with tweezers can result in asymmetrical eyebrows. Botox injections can also result in uneven eyebrows because botox can impact how the muscles around your eyebrows move, resulting in asymmetry.


Fix to Uneven Brows

Correcting uneven brows involves more than a one-size-fits-all approach. At Lavoom Salon, our skilled eyebrow artists offer personalized services and consultations to address your unique concerns. From shaping techniques to microblading, we have the solutions to transform uneven brows into a beautifully balanced masterpiece. Book a session with our professionals for expert guidance and tailored care.

  1. Consult a Professional - Book a brow design session with our professionals for expert guidance and personalized care. Our eyebrow artists can advise you on the best techniques, products, and at-home routines to maintain even brows between salon visits.

  2. Precision Shaping - Our experts use precision eyebrow threading to create balance in your brow shape, ensuring both eyebrows complement each other. This involves careful adjustments to achieve symmetry without compromising your natural features.

  3. Give your eyebrows time to grow back - Excessive hair removal from too much waxing or overplucking your brows can disrupt the hair growth cycle and cause unevenness in your brows. A natural way to fix uneven eyebrows is to leave your brows untreated for twelve to fifteen weeks. During the growth period, your brow hairs can regrow into your natural eyebrow shape.

  4. Use a hair growth serum - Brow artists suggest using a hair growth serum to treat some types of uneven brows. If your eyebrows are uneven due to hair loss or sparse brow hairs, apply a growth serum to your eyebrows. Consistently using a hair growth serum can help your eyebrows grow fuller and thicker over time, resulting in an even eyebrow look.

Expert Advice

If you're dealing with uneven brows, consider our recommended eyebrow services, including brow design and eyebrow threading or regrowth programs for a balanced look. Enhance your daily routine with our Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, enriched with Triple Peptide Complex technology to revitalize, thicken and strengthen eyebrows from the root to the tip on each stage of eyebrow growth. Clinically proven to increase brow density in just 4 weeks, this formula is your key to even, beautiful brows.

We also recommend makeup options, such as the Brow Define, a medium-firm brow pencil enriched with waxes for easy application. Ideal for filling, defining, blending, and shaping brows to perfection. Unsure about the right product for you?

Book Your Consultation

Our eyebrow services aims to get the dimensions of both brows as similar as possible, however we’re realistic and understand they will never be identical, which is totally fine. We recommend visiting your local Brows artist every 4-6 weeks so they can work on getting your brows as symmetrical as possible and once that’s been achieved, it’s simply a case of maintenance.

Uneven Brows FAQS

Q: Can uneven brows be corrected without permanent solutions?

A: Yes, Lavoom Salon offers precision eyebrow threading and regrowth programs for a balanced look.

Q: Can Lavoom Salon help me fix uneven brows?

A: Absolutely! Our eyebrow artists will devise a plan to create balance and a shape that flatters your features.

Q: Can microblading fix uneven brows?

A: It depends on the cause. Microblading can address hair growth issues, while a trusted technician may recommend solutions for muscular conditions.

Q: How to fill in uneven eyebrows?

A: Use the right product, stand back from the mirror, and apply product only where needed for a soft, natural finish.

Q: Can Botox/anti-ageing injections cause uneven brows?

A: If asymmetry occurs, consult your practitioner for professional resolution.

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