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Bushy Eyebrows

Your Brow Dilemmas, Solved.

Struggling to shape your bushy eyebrows or just can't tame your unruly brows? Whether you're seeking the perfect service, product, or trend advice, Lavoom Salon has the solution to any eyebrow dilemma.

Brow Diagnosis

Ever feel like your eyebrows have a mind of their own? Thick, bushy brows are not just a trend; they're a statement, embraced by influencers like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins. If you're wondering why your eyebrows are suddenly bushy, it's likely due to your natural rate of hair growth.

Your brows' thickness is influenced by your genetics and hormones. Hormonal changes, in particular, can trigger a sudden eyebrow growth spurt. Embrace the beauty of full, bushy brows, as they are in vogue. However, if you prefer a more controlled look, Lavoom Salon is here to help. We understand that sometimes you want to groom and tame them without going overboard. Our experts can guide you through the process, ensuring your bushy brows are beautifully shaped to complement your unique features.


How to shape your bushy eyebrows

Shaping unruly eyebrows requires more than a quick tweeze. It's a delicate process that demands precision and consideration of your unique facial features. Avoid the pitfalls of over-plucking by entrusting your brows to the expertise of Lavoom Salon's eyebrow artists.

A consultation with our skilled professionals is the key to achieving eyebrows that are entirely bespoke to you. We take into account your face shape and features to determine the most flattering brow shape and style. Our artists provide a personalized maintenance program to keep your brows looking fresh, ensuring the size, shape, and color are perfectly designed to complement your unique features. Say goodbye to brow dilemmas and hello to confidently styled eyebrows with Lavoom Salon.


Expert Advice

Products for bushy eyebrows

With bushy brows, achieving fullness doesn't always require makeup. Groom them into perfection or create a textured, fluffy look by brushing them upwards using our transparent Brow Glue. This ultra-strong brow-setting gel locks even the most unruly of bushy brows in place all day long.

Bushy brows may sometimes appear dry or coarse. Maintain a soft, sleek, and glossy appearance by keeping your brows conditioned. Our Brow Miracle Daily Conditioner, infused with hyaluronic acid and a cuticle interlock system, nourishes the hair, ensuring your bushy brows stay healthy and impeccably styled. Elevate your brow routine with Lavoom Salon's expert product recommendations.

Book Your Consultation

Embrace the trend of fuller brows with the expert guidance of our Lavoom Salon Brow Artists, who will consult, shape, and maintain them effortlessly through regular Brow Maintenance, for an instantly polished look.

Bushy Eyebrows FAQS

Q: How can I shape my bushy eyebrows?

A: Lavoom Salon provides expert shaping techniques and personalized maintenance for perfectly styled brows.

Q: What's the best way to manage unruly brows?

A: Our eyebrow artists offer precision techniques and product recommendations for taming unruly eyebrows.

Q: How do I choose the right eyebrow service?

A: Lavoom Salon provides comprehensive consultations to determine the perfect service for your unique needs.

Q: Can I recreate the latest eyebrow trends at home?

A: Yes, our expert advice includes at-home routines and product recommendations for staying on-trend.

Q: How long does it take to see results in shaping bushy eyebrows?

A: Results vary, but our professionals guide you through the process, ensuring your bushy brows are perfectly shaped.

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