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Brows with No Arches

Your Brow Dilemmas, Solved.

Struggling with brows lacking arches? Whether regrowing overplucked arches or seeking the perfect service or product, Lavoom Salon has a solution tailored to your unique needs.


Embrace a client's perspective on the challenge of having brows with no arches. Lacking arches may result from overplucking or natural growth patterns. Understanding this issue is crucial for finding a personalized solution that enhances your facial features.


Shaping brows with no arch

Even if your natural eyebrow shape is flat, it may be possible to create a little lift at the arch. It will involve creating a new brow shape, meaning you’ll have to remove some hair from below the arch and balance it out by growing in some hair above the arch. To make sure you create your desired look without over plucking, we recommend leaving it to a brow professional.

Book Your Consulation

If you have brows lacking an arch, your local brow artist at Lavoom Salon can gradually transform those flat brows into ideal arches designed just for you.

Eyebrows With No Arch FAQS

Q: How can I give my eyebrows an arch?

A: For instant results, adding a creamy, pigmented eyebrow highlighter on the brow bone will add the illusion of lift for the look of an arch. However, if you’re looking to change the shape of your eyebrows, we’d recommend visiting a brow professional to devise a treatment plan to raise your arch and create a brow shape to suit your face.

Q: Are straight/flat eyebrows on trend?

A: Yes! Lots of celebrities and models are rocking a lower arch, so if you’re blessed with a naturally flat shape, embrace it!

Q: How high should my eyebrow arch be?

A: There’s no set rule as to how high or low your arch should be. Your eyebrow shape should flatter your features, so it’s important to make sure your brows suit your face shape.

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