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How to Grow Out, Trim Up, and Shape Your Brows, According to Experts at Lavoom Salon, Calgary

Restoring botched brows can be a major pain in the… arch. At Lavoom Salon in Calgary, we understand the challenges of brow grooming and are here to offer expert advice on how to get the fullest, shapeliest, and most face-flattering results without the growing pains.

How to grow out, trim up, and shape your brows according to experts at Lavoom Salon in Calgary

With a simple raise, a small furrow, or a quick lift and hover, eyebrows convey surprise, frustration, shock, and excitement more effectively (and less annoyingly) than an exclamation point. But sometimes, eyebrows can send unintended messages: Too much tweezing can lead to bewildered or timid and retreating arches.

So we, at Lavoom Salon, asked our top groomers how to reshape eyebrows and get the fullest, shapeliest, best results — minus all the growing pains. Said "best results" means different things to different people. Some of us love the bushiest brows possible, while others want a lean, super-clean shape to balance their facial features. But without diligent grooming, any brow shape can go astray.

Whatever your issue — whether you've over-tweezed them and want fuller brows back or you've let them grow out a little more than you'd like and lost your preferred shape — there are solutions. Some take a little patience, but ultimately, you're just a few easy steps away from getting your eyebrows back on track with the help of our expert brow groomers and makeup artists.

Reshape eyebrows at Lavoom Salon

Meet The Brow Expert at Lavoom Salon, Calgary:

Naghme Moradi, a makeup artist and eyebrow specialist

How to Reshape Over-Tweezed Brows

Anyone with a magnifying mirror and tweezers can recklessly prune their brows, but patiently growing them back? That takes real pluck. Here's how to undo the damage with advice from our expert groomers.

Retire the tweezers

It takes three to four months to see real change and up to a year for brows to grow back entirely. The first week is the hardest. It feels like the hairs are mocking you, But if you leave them alone, those random little hairs will eventually form a full brow.

How to Apply Blush

If a stray is growing at an odd angle, don't bother tweezing — trim it instead. You want to resist the urge to touch your brows, even if that means hiding your tweezers from yourself. If you can't get to the tweezers immediately, the feeling to pluck will pass.

Fill in eyebrow gaps like an expert.

Even though you can't pick up your tweezers, you can still pick up your makeup. There's no avoiding it: Your brows will go through an awkward phase during the grow-out process, and makeup is going to come in handy. Use brow fillers, pencils, waxes, and putties to fill in holes and create your desired shape.

Facilitate eyebrow growth by conditioning at night and taking hair growth supplements.

A brow conditioner will help speed the growth process along. Naghme's favorite is Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, a peptide- and vitamin-rich serum that she recommends to many of her clients to help encourage hair strength and prevent breakage and loss.

How to Define Fuller Eyebrows

If you prefer thinner, more arched brows, you can make that happen too with advice from our expert groomers.

Divide and conquer.

Unibrows can look fabulous, but if it's not your personal style, you'll need to grab the tweezers to create separation. Hold a pencil vertically from the outer edge of your nostril to your eyebrows to determine where each brow should start.

Make the cut.

Removing bulk from your brows doesn't always mean pruning them. Nine times out of ten, a trim is all you need. Comb your brows straight up and use eyebrow scissors to trim only the longest hairs, staggering the length as you go.

Shape up.

Define the arch by yanking a few hairs beneath it. "The most common mistake I see is people taking too much off the ends," says Streicher. Eyebrows that fall short look tadpole-y, and they age our faces, since the ends thin as we get older, she says.

How to Reshape Eyebrows that Look Like Commas

What's a comma brow? It's basically a brow that has been plucked within an inch of its life, but only under the arches and at the ends, creating a comma-like effect. But you can achieve balance by filling in the eyebrow tail.

Lightly fill in with a brow pencil, concentrating color on the sparser tails.

How to Calm Down Angry Brows

"Angry brows" look like an upside-down V. This shape can make you seem perpetually mad, says Naghme.

  1. Avoid the point. For a friendlier effect, remove a few hairs from the top of the arch.

  2. Focus on the front. Using a spooley brush, comb up the inner half of your brows and trim any hairs that extend far past the top.

When All Else Fails…

If you find yourself waiting (impatiently) for your eyebrows to grow out and the steps above aren't enough, consider Lavoom Salon's out-of-the-box ideas to help you love your look in the interim.

  • Employ distraction techniques. Keep the attention as far from your brows as possible. "Wear bangs, a statement lip, whatever you have to keep people from focusing on your brows," says Madron.

  • Try eyebrow tinting. "Brow tinting is life-changing. It's helped me so much when growing out my brows because it bulks up all those baby-fine hairs," says Madron. Your best bet is to go to a professional rather than trying it at home.

Now That Your Eyebrows Have Grown Back…

If you've waited out the four months it took to reshape your eyebrows after one too many plucks, it's time to carefully craft the shape you actually want.

We recommend leaving it to an eyebrow waxing or threading professional, but if you prefer to tackle them at home, Naghme stresses the importance of good lighting. "You want to be in front of direct natural light if possible. Overhead lighting creates shadows, which obscure your view."

To determine your perfect brow shape, look at pictures of yourself before you started plucking them and assess your face shape. "It's all about balance," says Naghme. "If you have small, petite features, your brows shouldn't be too large; and if you have big features, your brows can also be bigger."

Eyebrow shaping can really change the look of your face. If you have a long or rectangular face, you can make your face appear shorter or more proportional with a straighter, flatter eyebrow. If you have a heart-shaped face, thick eyebrows can throw your face off balance. Similarly, thick eyebrows can overwhelm a tiny face. These types of faces look great with well-groomed brows that are neither too thick nor too thin.

On the other hand, if you have a square jaw, a thick, heavy brow can balance the top half of your face by making it match the bottom. If you have a diamond face shape, curved eyebrows can lessen the angularity of your face. Still in doubt? Try for soft, angled eyebrows — they look lovely across the board.

Once you've determined your perfect shape, it's time to carefully clean up errant hairs with tweezers. But before you start plucking, break out a black or bright-colored eyeliner pencil and outline the shape you want. Get really close to your mirror and, using slanted tweezers, only remove what is outside the pencil lines. Then wash off the pencil to see the results.

Now that you're equipped with the knowledge, you know you've nothing to fear when you're growing out your brows. Remember: patience, a few grooming tricks, and backing (far) away from the tweezers are total musts. In a few months, your brows should be transformed if you apply these tips.

In conclusion, mastering the art of eyebrow grooming has never been easier with the expert guidance from Lavoom Salon, Calgary. Our specialists provide valuable insights on how to grow out, trim up, and shape your brows to perfection. Whether you're looking to reshape over-tweezed brows, define fuller eyebrows, calm down angry brows, or even create eyebrows that look like commas, Lavoom Salon's brow experts have you covered. Through a combination of patience, top-notch grooming techniques, and the right products, you can achieve the brows you've always desired. Trust in the expertise of Lavoom Salon and embrace the transformative power of well-groomed eyebrows. Say goodbye to growing pains and hello to your most fabulous brows yet!

For expert eyebrow grooming and shaping in Calgary, visit Lavoom Salon and let our specialists help you reclaim your ideal brows!

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