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The Eyebrow Experts: Guide to Shape Your Perfect Arch

Updated: Apr 15

Shape Your Perfect Arch: The Eyebrow Expert's Ultimate Guide


Calgary! Unlock your most beautiful brows with expert tips and personalized shaping at Lavoom Salon. Eyebrows frame your face, influence expressions, and impact your perceived age. But with so many shapes and techniques out there, achieving perfect brows can feel like a mystery. Fear not! This guide empowers you to understand brow shaping and unveil your best brows with the help of Lavoom Salon's expert Eyebrow Artists.


The right brow shape, crafted by a skilled Eyebrow Expert, can work wonders for your face. Here's a glimpse into this transformative power:

  • Lengthen your face: Opt for slightly longer brows with a softer arch to create an illusion of a longer face.

  • Balance a round face: Sharper angles and a defined arch can help elongate and balance a round face.

  • Soften a strong jawline: Curved brows with a softer arch can soften a strong jawline and create a more harmonious look.

  • Open up your eyes: A lifted arch with a slight upward angle, expertly designed by a brow artist, can make your eyes appear more open and youthful.

Tailoring Brows for Your Unique Face

Our eyebrow experts are artists, not cookie-cutters. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all brows. Instead, our highly skilled Eyebrow Experts meticulously shape your brows based on your unique facial features. Here's what they consider:

  1. Face Shape: As mentioned above, the ideal brow shape complements your face shape for a balanced look. Our Eyebrow Experts will analyze your face to determine the most flattering shape.

  2. Eye Shape: Round eyes benefit from angled brows, while almond eyes can work with both curved and angled shapes. Your Eyebrow Expert will consider your eye shape for optimal brow design.

  3. Bone Structure: We consider your brow bone structure to ensure the brows sit naturally on your face. Eyebrow Experts are trained to factor in bone structure for a natural-looking result.

  4. Your Preferences: We value your input! Our Eyebrow Experts will discuss your desired shape and collaborate with you to achieve your vision.


Consultation is Key! During your initial consultation, brow design, with your new eyebrow expert at Lavoom Salon, discuss your desired outcomes. Naghme Moradi, a leading Eyebrow Expert at Lavoom Salon, emphasizes understanding clients' goals. She states, "Clients appreciate when I inquire about their objectives because while I offer my expertise, I also value their input. What are they aiming for? What's the ultimate outcome they envision?" By openly communicating with your Eyebrow Expert, you can ensure they create brows that perfectly suit your style and preferences.

Strategize and Achieve Your Preferred Eyebrow Shape

The process typically begins with an assessment of your current eyebrow shape before proceeding to mapping. Naghme, our Eyebrow Expert, explains that eyebrow mapping provides clients with a visual representation of what she sees. "It's like a detailed diagram drawn on the face using an eyebrow pencil or powder," she describes. This approach allows you to grasp the Eyebrow Expert's intentions for a clearer understanding of the anticipated final results.

What Do Eyebrow Experts Focus on During Mapping?

During mapping, your Eyebrow Expert will visually indicate the ideal points where eyebrows should begin, arch, and end, considering factors like eye shape, bone structure, and the bridge of the nose. They will also ask you to make facial expressions to reveal how your muscles affect eyebrow shape, ensuring the final design complements your natural movements.

eyebrow mapping at Lavoom Salon
Eyebrow Mapping by Lavoom Salon

Prioritizing Confidence and Beauty

While aligning eyebrow shape with face shape is common, Naghme, and all our Eyebrow Experts at Lavoom Salon, prioritize you feeling confident and beautiful. Their goal is for you to leave looking and feeling better than when you arrived, embracing your natural beauty enhanced by their expertise.


Even the most meticulously groomed brows can encounter occasional challenges. Here at Lavoom Salon, we understand the frustration that comes with brow bumps, patchy areas, or stray hairs. But fear not! Before you reach for the tweezers (remember, patience is key!), we've got temporary solutions to keep your brows looking their best:

Taming Over-Tweezed Brows

We've all succumbed to the over-tweezing urge, leaving brows sparse and unbalanced. Fear not! Even the most skilled Eyebrow Experts at Lavoom Salon can help you navigate the journey back to beautiful brows. Remember, patience is key. It takes time and dedication to grow back over-tweezed brows. Here are some tips to guide you while your Eyebrow Expert works their magic:

Remember, patience is key. It takes time and dedication to grow back over-tweezed brows. Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Put Down the Tweezers: Resist the urge to further pluck! Every hair counts during regrowth.

  2. Embrace Strategic Makeup: While your brows grow out, use Lavoom Salon's Perfect Brow Pencils, or Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel, to fill in sparse areas and create your desired shape.

  3. Nourish and Promote Growth: Consider using products like ADOREYES Eyebrow Enhancing Serum. This peptide- and vitamin-rich formula strengthens hairs and prevents breakage, promoting healthy growth.

Unruly or Stubborn Hairs

These renegade hairs have a mind of their own, sprouting in all directions and ruining your carefully crafted shape.

Expert Solution: Consider brow lamination. This innovative service is a game-changer for those with coarse or unruly brows. A setting solution is applied to coat and lift brow hairs, creating a smooth, textured look that minimizes the need for daily taming with brushes or gels.

Patchy or Sparse Brows

Sparse or patchy brows can leave you feeling like your face lacks definition.

Expert Solution: For a temporary fix, explore our selection of high-quality brow pencils and powders recommended by our Eyebrow Experts. Choose a shade that matches your natural brow colour and use short, feathery strokes to mimic real hair. For a longer-term solution, consider microblading, a cosmetic tattooing technique offered by our Eyebrow Experts. This technique creates hair-like strokes, adding natural-looking fullness to sparse areas.

Uneven Brows

Brows that don't quite match can be frustrating, but fear not!

Expert Solution: Our Eyebrow Specialists are masters of creating symmetry. They'll utilize a variety of techniques, including threading or waxing, to meticulously shape your brows for a balanced and harmonious look.

Gaps or Scars

Gaps or scars can disrupt the flow of your brow shape.

Expert Solution: or gaps, microblading by our Eyebrow Experts can be a lifesaver. It adds subtle strokes that fill in sparse areas and create a seamless brow line. For scars, a combination of techniques like waxing or threading to remove unwanted hair around the scar, and then brow tinting suggested by your Eyebrow Expert, can create a more even appearance.

Light-Colored Brows

Light brows can be difficult to see and may not frame the face effectively.

Expert Solution: Brow tinting is a fantastic option offered by our Eyebrow Experts. It adds rich, natural-looking colour to your brows, enhancing their definition and framing your face beautifully. Henna brows can also be a great option, offering a long-lasting tint with a slightly bolder look compared to traditional brow tinting.


Eyebrows play a crucial role in facial aesthetics, influencing everything from perceived age to expression. At Lavoom Salon, Calgary Eyebrow Experts empower you to achieve your dream brows through personalized shaping and expert techniques. We understand that every face is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work.

Schedule an appointment today at Lavoom Salon and embark on your brow transformation journey with the guidance of our skilled Eyebrow Experts! We can't wait to help you unlock your most beautiful brows and leave you feeling confident and radiant.

For additional information about Lavoom Salon's Eyebrow services in Calgary, visit our website or contact us today!

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