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All You Need To Know About Henna Brow

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Henna Brow is a simple, non-invasive, semi-permanent brow enhancement service. It’s basically a form of tinting, so its application is topical, but the results are meant to last up to 5 weeks (the shade on the skin lasts up to 2 weeks).

In order to make sure your henna brows last that long, you need to follow the rules of a simple aftercare routine, and avoid certain products as part of the maintenance.

Here's a guide through henna brows aftercare, along with general maintenance tips.

Henna Brow Aftercare and Maintenance

What's Henna Brows Aftercare Like?

Henna brow aftercare comes down to avoiding certain products and activities in order to prevent premature fading and keep the colour looking fresh as long as possible. Since the colour is applied to the skin, it can fade faster than it’s supposed to if you don’t pay some special attention to it.

Henna Brow Aftercare Rules

In the first 24 hours after the treatment, follow these rules:

  • Don’t get your brows wet

  • Don’t expose them to sweat or steam

  • Don’t expose them to heat

  • Don’t apply any makeup on or around the brows

  • Don’t expose your brows to sunlight

  • Don’t apply any harsh skincare on the area (including makeup removers)

  • Don’t apply any product that contains fragrance to the area

What Is The Process Involved?

Generally, sculpt your brow line into your preferred shape via the wax and tweeze method, or by Eyebrow Threading, then select a suitable henna shade to use.

Henna powder and demineralized water are mixed together to create a paste, which is then applied through the shape of your eyebrows and allowed to soak into the skin for 10-15 minutes. Less intensity is applied that the beginning of the brow, with more strength in the arch and tail for an ombré effect.

Henna Brow Aftercare

Henna Maintenance

When the first 24 hours after the procedure elapse, there are still some brow henna aftercare rules you should follow in order to keep the colour on your brows as long as possible.

Here’s what you should do for the longevity of your henna brows if you want to keep the effects for their full lifespan:

  1. Avoid sunlight exposure for long stretches of time. Sun radiation causes a chemical reaction that fades colour faster both from the skin and from the hairs.

  2. Avoid oil-based products. Oil in skincare accelerates the fading of colour from both the skin and the hair. This includes makeup removers, cleansers, and moisturizers. Study the ingredients list of your skincare – they may contain oils you don’t even know about.

  3. Avoid retinol, acids, and other anti-aging or skin-brightening ingredients. These substances accelerate the skin cell turnover cycle, and they wash away the colour of the skin.

  4. Avoid touching your brows. Rubbing your brows with your fingers or with a cotton pad will wipe off the colour of the skin.

  5. Avoid any exfoliation. This applies to both mechanical scrubs and chemical peels. Rubbing removes the colour mechanically. Ingredients that do a chemical peel accelerate the skin cell turnover and fade the colour.

  6. Avoid waxing your brows. If you get wax onto the tinted area, it will remove the colour. Tweeze out your stray hairs instead.

Henna Brow Maintenance

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Henna brows are quite an affordable service, and they’re not meant to last for that long, but you still want to make the most of your service and prevent premature fading of the effects by following the rules of eyebrow henna aftercare. The immediate henna brows aftercare comes down to keeping your brows dry and avoiding certain activities.

To keep the colour fresh as long as possible, avoid sunlight exposure, harsh and oil-based skincare, and facials that can remove the colour mechanically.

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