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3 Reasons You Should Thread VS. Wax Your Eyebrows

3 Reasons You Should Thread Vs Wax Your Eyebrows


For decades, waxing has dominated as the go-to technique for shaping eyebrows in Canada, given its widespread availability and popularity. However, with threading gaining traction and becoming more accessible, the debate now centers on which method is better – threading or waxing your eyebrows.

Though both shaping methods can produce beautiful results, as a company specializing in The Artistry of Threading, we decided to ask our brow experts and clients what their top 3 reasons are for choosing threading, as their go-to for brow shaping.


Threaded Eyebrows
Threaded Eyebrows

The threading method grants the Brow Artist unparalleled control and precision during hair removal. They can meticulously remove individual hairs or lines of hairs, ensuring the optimal shape regardless of hair length. As depicted here, the model's brows showcase flawless contouring, defined arches, and a natural taper from the inner corner to the tail.

With waxing, the artist sacrifices some control over the process, leading to a common issue known as the 'hooked brow.' As wax is applied beneath the brow to refine its shape, the removal process often results in uneven spreading. Consequently, the inner corner may appear thick while the arch takes on a dramatic and disproportionately thin appearance. Avoiding this hooked shape proves challenging; artists may attempt to mitigate it by waxing the lid and carefully tweezing near the brow, but in most cases, the hooked effect persists.


Threading is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, although it's suitable for all skin types. Unlike waxing, threading involves minimal contact with the skin as the thread glides over it rather than adhering to it. Waxing, on the other hand, covers both the skin and hair, leading to discomfort as both are pulled during hair removal, often resulting in redness and tenderness, especially for sensitive skin. Additionally, threading is entirely natural, utilizing a cotton string for hair removal, whereas even the most natural waxes may contain substances like resins, preservatives, fragrances, and other ingredients that can trigger adverse reactions in sensitive skin.


Aging is a natural process, one that happens to everyone and can be beautiful. However, certain practices can accelerate this process, and regardless of whether they visibly age you or not, they typically aren't beneficial for your skin. One such practice is eyebrow waxing. Waxing involves pulling the skin, and the method of wax removal can disturb the delicate skin around the eyes and brows, especially when hot wax is used. While there's no scientific evidence to support it, many individuals believe that repeated waxing may lead to a loss of skin elasticity, potentially resulting in drooping lids or fine lines around the eyes.

Consequently, this can alter the shape of your face, which in turn affects the shape of your brows. Although scientific validation may be lacking, individuals who transition from waxing to threading often report a significant improvement in the feel of their skin and brows. Additionally, because threading allows for precise shaping, their brows maintain a natural fullness, and their eyes appear brighter, more open, and more youthful.


In conclusion, when it comes to achieving the best brow shape and maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin, threading emerges as the superior choice over waxing. With its unparalleled precision and control, threading ensures flawless contouring and defined arches, tailored to individual preferences. Moreover, threading's gentle approach minimizes trauma to sensitive skin, making it suitable for all skin types while reducing the risk of irritation and discomfort commonly associated with waxing. By opting for threading at Lavoom Salon locations, individuals not only enjoy the advantages of threaded eyebrows but also promote long-term skin health and prevent premature signs of aging. So, for those seeking beautifully shaped eyebrows and radiant, youthful skin, threading is undoubtedly the preferred solution.


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