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Threading - Hair Removal Method For Men

Hey, men! Are you wondering how to get rid of the fine hairs on your face? Do you want beautifully shaped, yet natural-looking eyebrows? Well, pop in, and let’s get you threaded!

Hair removal method for men, apart from facial shaving, isn’t a subject that’s discussed very often. However, it most certainly is an important one. In this article you will learn the following:

Eyebrow Threading for men

Men's Threading provides clean lines and sharp edges that last longer than shaving. With thread, you can designate the exact hairs you want to be pulled as opposed to waxing which spreads and has a margin of error. Men can get their beards edged up, their cheeks cleaned, their nose hairs removed, their necklines cleaned, and their eyebrows shaped. In addition, men's grooming can benefit from additional eyebrow services like eyebrow tinting and brow lamination that is becoming more and more common amount our male clients.

Learn more about our threading in our article Eyebrow threading prep and aftercare. In short, there are two main reasons why men require threading:

To Get Rid Of Fine Facial Hairs

We often refer to these as “fuzz”, since that’s what they look like. They don’t do us any favors, and most people men and women prefer to have these removed. As a result, your skin feels softer and smoother, and it reflects the light better – making it look like it’s glowing. Little details like these matter, because they show that you are detail-oriented, and take good care of yourself.

Full Facial Threading includes all three areas of the face Lips/Chin/Jaw and does not include eyebrows. This service is performed by threading unwanted facial hair directly from the follicle of the hair, preventing growth for weeks.

To Get Their Eyebrows Shaped

Everybody wants their eyebrows to be on point, and men are no exception. The eyebrow threading procedure is exactly the same regardless of gender and has the same wonderful results – although, of course, men’s eyebrows are shaped somewhat differently from women’s eyebrows. Most men prefer them to look a little more natural and to be relatively straight.

Men’s Natural Brow is an eyebrow-shaping service for gentlemen, and unlike women's eyebrow threading, men prefer their eyebrows thicker. Men's eyebrow threading is a fairly simple and quick process. You sit down in a chair and stare at the ceiling as an esthetician takes a thin cotton or polyester thread, doubles it, and twists it. As they move their hands, the threads grab unwanted hairs in between the openings and pull them free—including the roots.

Threading Not A Substitute for Shaving

One thing that threading is not used for, is as a substitute for shaving. This is because hair, once threaded, tend to re-grow thinner and softer. So, your beard would grow sparser and softer over time.

Final Thoughts

Threading for men is simple and effective. Threading is better than other hair removal methods in various ways – which we have discussed in a recent blog post. You can read the post HERE and we’ve got many more coming!

Are you a man that’s ever tried threading? If yes, tell us about your experience in the comments below! Any questions on the subject please stop by our Brow and Lash Artistry in Calgary. The locations and hours of our threading salons are available here.

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