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5 Classic Hairstyles for Calgary men (1950s edition)

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Men's Hairstyles Calgary Blog

A blast to the past is our theme for today’s Classic men’s hairstyles. If you are a fan of watching movies from the 50s or listening to music from that decade, you already know that gentleman at that time had the coolest, most on-point manes ever. These hairstyles actually lay the very foundation of how men's haircuts and hairstyles look today. These hairstyles will never get out of fashion and you can rock them whenever you want. These 5 classics hairstyles for men will have you covered, no matter the occasion, hair length, type, or face shape. So let’s show you the 5 classic hairstyles for men Hairstyle for men Pompadour hairstyle 1. The Pompadour

The infamous pompadour will never go out of style. It’s one of the most recognizable and statement men’s hairstyles there is. With the impactful volume and an eye-catching height, the pompadour is much easier to pull off than you’d think. These days it comes in so many shapes and forms, so it’s all up to you to choose whether you’ll opt for the classic or an upgraded version. Making a throwback to the 50s when it comes to hairstyles is not a bad idea at all. The golden era of Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando and James Dean was marked by the fabulous pomp and what’s even better this hairdo is still going strong. The secret to a great pompadour is adding high volume to the front. The Vilain Sidekick pre-styling hair spray not only boosts volume but also adds texture and protects hair from heat exposure. One of the secrets to great pomp is a strong-hold styling product such as the By Vilain Revolution. If you’re a fan of a glossy finish, opt for the J Beverly Hills Pomade.

Hairstyle for men Ductail hairstyle 2. The Ducktail

mens hair cut calgary

The ducktail, or also known as the duck’s tail hairdo, is another huge style that is a men’s favourite. For this look, the sides of the hair meet in the middle of the back, creating that tail. These days, guys experiment with different looks such as short sides and long hair in the middle, a pompadour with a ducktail in the back and more. This hairstyle is a bit more high-maintenance, but if you get regular trims it will always be on fleek. To make things easier, opt for a medium haircut. If you have no idea where to get your next ducktail mane, you can find a list of the best professionals online, who will not only give you a great cut but also give you advice on how to style it every day. Hairstyle for men Slicked back hair 1950's edition 3. The Slick Hairstyle

If you had this hairstyle in the 1950’s you were indeed one of the cool kids. Today the slick back hairstyle comes in many varieties and is often referred to as the slick-back hairdo. This is the hairstyle you can work on several different hair lengths and do it in only minutes. The 50s are the golden era of Hollywood was responsible for many classic hairstyles for men as and women, who showed off their smoothest, sleekest hairdos, radiating glamour and class. To achieve that sleek and smooth finish you’ll need a fine-tooth comb such as the By Vilain Cutting Comb and pomade with high shine such as the By Vilain Power made Pomade. This sounds like the ideal hairstyle for a date at a fancy restaurant, a day at the office, or a special event. The sleek hairdo is a classic. Hairstyle for men Textured Quiff from Slikhaar studio

4. The Quiff

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If you don’t like spending too much time styling your hair, the quiff is the perfect hairdo for you. This effortless hairstyle these days is combined with a high, low or medium fade on the sides and a messy finish in the top, longer part. You still want a stronghold, but you also want it to look as natural as possible. The By Vilain Dynamite Clay will become your go-to product for a perfect quiff. It’s a trend that won’t ever go away because it looks so chic and it’s also very easy to maintain. Emil Albrechtsen with Crew cut hairstyle for men 5. The Crew Cut

Best hair salon for men in calgary blog

Another low-maintenance hairstyle, but meant for men who prefer short length. The crew cut started as a hairstyle for men in the military but soon became a popular everyday choice. It’s characterized by a short top part and even shorter sides. You can get creative and choose which length you most like. Either way, it will be simple but trendy. The crew cut works for all face shapes and men of all ages can feel free to try it out. The best thing about this cut is that you don’t have to style it in most cases. If you decide to leave the top part longer, then you have the option to get creative with a sleek-back hairdo. Conclusion Flaunting a fashionable hairstyle is just as important for men as it is for women. Some hairstyles for men are simply timeless and you can’t go wrong with. Although the 50s were so long ago, they brought some strong fashion and beauty moments that we still can’t get over. These 5 hairstyles that we mentioned are still among the topmost requested choices of men all around Calgary and will help you achieve that trendy, effortlessly cool look you’ve been looking for. If you haven’t tried them yet, make 2020 a year of changes and experiments. To Book Online Click here You won’t be sorry!


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