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How-To Care For Your Eyebrows

How-To Care For Your Eyebrows


In previous discussions, we've delved into the intricacies of threading and its numerous advantages for shaping your brows. We've also addressed a common concern among our new clients: "Does eyebrow threading hurt?" Today, we're focusing on the importance of proper brow care, similar to caring for any other part of your body. Here, we present essential guidelines for ensuring effective eyebrow maintenance that should be embraced as part of your routine.


If you're not already incorporating daily moisturization into your skincare routine, it's time to make a change. Moisturizing is crucial, especially for facial skin, which remains exposed to various environmental factors. Regardless of your location, it's advisable to opt for a moisturizer containing SPF 30 at minimum. This not only promotes skin health but also shields it from harmful sun exposure. Remember, your brows deserve attention too—ensure to moisturize the skin beneath and around them. Integrating an SPF moisturizer into your daily regimen aids in mitigating the risk of premature aging, sun damage, and the development of fine lines and sagging skin—factors that can impact your eyebrow shape.


Consider this: Why do we apply conditioner after shampooing our hair? It's to impart smoothness, restore natural luster, and strengthen hair to prevent breakage and loss. If you're grappling with eyebrow hair loss, it's a sign that your brows could benefit from some intensive conditioning. However, it's crucial to note that the conditioner used for your hair isn't suitable for your skin and can lead to rashes or irritation. For effective brow conditioning, we advocate for specific Brow Conditioners - Eyebrow Enhancing Serum by ADOREYES.

While various options are available for purchase, we firmly believe that homemade brow conditioners can be just as effective, if not superior, and they are more budget-friendly. Here are our tailored recommendations based on your brow needs:

Eyebrow care with coconut oil

To condition your brows: Use coconut oil

To condition and grow your brows: Use castor oil

For an added boost, consider incorporating Vitamin E oil into either of the above options. Vitamin E oil promotes blood circulation, thereby stimulating hair growth, and its antioxidant-rich properties contribute to effective conditioning.

Apply your chosen oil at least thrice a week on clean skin and brows (more frequently if urgent brow growth is desired). To apply, utilize a clean disposable mascara brush or simply use your fingertips.


Sometimes, life can throw us off course, making it challenging to stick to a precise schedule, especially when it comes to maintaining your brows. However, we strongly advise striving for consistency, a practice often overlooked. With eyebrow threading, the technique is versatile enough to address even the slightest hair growth or fully grown-out brows. Yet, this flexibility can lead to neglecting a regular threading schedule, regardless of the length of growth. The real challenge arises when you've achieved your ideal eyebrow shape—threading too soon or waiting too long can potentially disrupt the brows you've painstakingly perfected. Waiting too long risks losing your shape entirely, while threading too early may inadvertently thin out the brows by over-removing hairs.

Our suggestion is to consult your Brow Artist at Lavoom Salon to determine the optimal timeframe for your return appointments, aiming to adhere closely to that schedule. For instance, if your Brow Artist recommends a 4-week interval between brow appointments, we advise scheduling no earlier than 3 weeks and no later than 5 weeks apart.


Following these indispensable eyebrow care guidelines can significantly enhance both your brow aesthetics and overall skin health. Moreover, they seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle routine. We'd love to hear about your experiences with these tips and welcome any recommendations you may have!

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