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Hair Removal: How to wax

Hair Removal: How to wax

Home waxing can be a cost-effective way to remove hair, but it's crucial to take some precautions. Avoid waxing sunburned or highly sensitive skin, and refrain from waxing if you've used isotretinoin within the last six months. For Brazilian waxes, it’s often better to go to a professional due to the delicate nature of the skin in that area.

Ensure a flawless waxing experience with our professional advice:

  1. Optimal Hair Length: Ensure your hair is between one-fourth to three-fourths of an inch long. If it's longer, trim it with safety scissors to make waxing less messy and painful.

  2. Avoid Retinoid Creams: Stop using over-the-counter retinol or prescription retinoids two to five days before waxing your face to prevent skin damage.

  3. Reduce Discomfort: To minimize pain, consider taking an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or applying cold packs 30 minutes before waxing.

  4. Clean and Dry the Area: Wash and thoroughly dry the area you plan to wax to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and skincare products, ensuring the wax adheres properly.

  5. Warm the Wax: Follow package instructions for heating the wax and test its temperature on your wrist to ensure it’s warm but not hot.

  6. Apply the Wax: Spread the wax in the direction of hair growth on a small section of unwanted hair.

  7. Apply the Cloth Strip: Firmly press a cloth strip over the wax and leave it on for two to three seconds.

  8. Remove the Cloth Strip: Hold the skin taut and quickly pull off the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. For hard-to-reach areas like underarms, consider getting help from a friend or relative.

  9. Soothe Your Skin: After waxing, soothe your skin with cold packs, avoid hot baths and showers, wear loose clothing, and apply an oil-free or non-comedogenic moisturizer.

While at-home waxing can yield satisfactory results when done correctly, it's important to prioritize your skin's health. If you diligently follow our expert tips, you can confidently enjoy safe and effective hair removal in the comfort of your own space.

However, should you encounter unexpected redness or swelling lasting more than two days post-waxing, it's crucial to seek professional assistance. To avoid such at-home situations altogether, opt for a professional waxing experience at Lavoom Salon. Our skilled technicians ensure the highest standards of safety and quality, providing you with flawless results every time.

Professional Touch: When to Visit Lavoom Salon

While home waxing is a great option, there are times when professional expertise shines:

  • The Delicate Zone:  Brazilian waxes require meticulous attention to detail and a trained touch. Our skilled technicians at Lavoom Salon ensure a comfortable and thorough experience.

  • Hard-to-Reach Areas:  Reaching your back or bikini line perfectly can be a challenge. At Lavoom, we've got you covered – literally!

  • Expert Technique:  Our experienced wax technicians use proper application and removal methods to minimize discomfort and the risk of ingrown hairs.

  • Hygiene and Cleanliness:  Salons maintain the highest hygiene standards with sanitized equipment and surfaces, ensuring your safety.

  • Waxing for All:  We offer a variety of waxes catered to different skin types and hair textures. Let our experts choose the perfect option for you.

  • The Ultimate Relaxation:  Treat yourself to a pampering experience! Let the professionals at Lavoom take care of everything while you unwind.

Ready to experience the ultimate waxing treatment? Book your appointment at Lavoom Salon today and discover the difference professional expertise can make in your hair removal routine. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to a new level of confidence and comfort with Lavoom Salon.

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