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Lavoom Salon offers a vast array of hair and makeup services, using the latest styles and trends from the wedding aisle to the red carpet.

We pride ourselves on our incomparable quality and standard of service. Lavoom Salon artists are the best in the industry and have insider knowledge that guarantees an up to the minute style, whether you’re a bride with a destination wedding in mind, a model hitting the catwalk, or a corporate professional. Our high-end products and list of professional makeup services will have you looking and feeling beautiful, on-trend, and ready to face your day or night, whatever it may be.

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Makeup Artist

 Flawless Makeup Application for Every Occasion

Achieve a flawless and stunning look for any occasion with Lavoom Salon's professional makeup application services. Our skilled makeup artists will expertly enhance your features, create a seamless complexion, and bring out your natural beauty. Whether it's a special event or you simply want to treat yourself, our makeup application service guarantees a look that will leave you feeling confident and radiant.

Bridal Beauty: Exquisite Wedding Makeup Services

On your special day, trust Lavoom Salon to create the perfect bridal look that will make you feel like a radiant bride. Our wedding makeup services are tailored to enhance your natural beauty and complement your unique style. With meticulous attention to detail, our talented makeup artists will work closely with you to design a flawless and long-lasting bridal makeup look that reflects your vision and enhances your features. Let us be a part of your wedding journey and ensure you look breathtakingly beautiful as you walk down the aisle.

Bride Beauty: Exquisite Wedding makeup at Lavoom Salon in Calgary
Private Makeup Lessons at Lavoom Salon

Private Makeup Lessons: Unleash Your Makeup Potential

Discover your unique makeup style and enhance your skills with personalized private makeup lessons at Lavoom Salon. Our experienced instructors will tailor the lessons to your needs, empowering you to achieve stunning makeup looks for any occasion.

Makeup Services Calgary

When it comes to choosing a makeup service provider in Calgary, Lavoom Salon stands out for several reasons. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart. With our talented artists, luxurious salon atmosphere, and impeccable service, we strive to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for every client. Trust us to deliver stunning makeup looks that enhance your natural beauty and make you feel like the best version of yourself.


Makeup Application at Lavoom Salon:

  • Skilled and Experienced Makeup Artists

  • High-Quality Makeup Products

  • Customized Looks for Every Occasion

  • Flawless and Long-lasting Results

  • Makeup Services for Weddings and Events

  • Professional and Relaxing Atmosphere

  • Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Lavoom Salon's Makeup Application.

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Ready to Book?

Ready to experience the transformative power of professional makeup? Schedule your appointment today at Lavoom Salon. Whether you're attending a special event, want a flawless look for your wedding day, or simply desire a personalized makeup session, our team is here to exceed your expectations. Visit our website for more information about our makeup services or to book your appointment. Get ready to unveil your beauty with Lavoom Salon.

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