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10 Bridal Party Makeup Tips to Create a Cohesive Look!

Updated: Mar 21

Organizing your bridal party makeup can indeed pose a significant challenge! Whether you're envisioning a stunning lineup of bridesmaids walking down the aisle with you or just a select few of your closest friends, the importance of the bridal party on your big day cannot be overstated.

Captured in numerous photographs and sharing the spotlight with you, it's only natural to want each member of your bridal party to look their absolute best. Beyond their dresses, ensuring flawless hair and makeup is equally crucial. But how do you achieve a cohesive makeup look for your bridal party while ensuring you still shine as the bride?

With the expert assistance of Lavoom Salon, navigating this process becomes more manageable. Their skilled professionals can guide you in creating a unified makeup look that complements your vision and enhances the beauty of each member of your bridal party.

Bridal Party Makeup at Lavoom Salon Calgary
Lavoom Salon: Bridal Party Hair & Makeup

Preparing Your Wedding Party Makeup for the Special Day

As your wedding day approaches, it's essential to plan your bridal makeup meticulously. One crucial step is to schedule a bridal makeup trial, allowing you to experiment with different styles and ensuring your makeup harmonizes with your wedding theme for a cohesive look. Aim to arrange your trial session with Lavoom Salon 3-5 weeks before the wedding to allow for adjustments and assess the makeup's durability over an extended period.

Give thoughtful consideration to your bridesmaids' appearance beforehand. Whether you decide to enlist our services for a professional makeup artist for the entire party or delegate makeup responsibilities to your bridesmaids, coordination is paramount. Seek guidance from Lavoom Salon and gather inspiration from various sources like blogs and Pinterest to find looks that resonate with your vision.

Lavoom Salon offers bridal Hair & Makeup Packages for Bridal Parties, ensuring a seamless and stress-free beauty experience for your special day.

A skilled makeup artist from Lavoom Salon can expertly translate your desired look into reality, whether it's a natural or more glamorous aesthetic. Communicate your preferences openly and consider the makeup needs of other significant members of the bridal party, such as the mother of the bride and bridesmaids.

Here's a concise checklist to aid in your planning:

  • Makeup Artists: Begin your research early and secure bookings promptly, as highly sought-after artists like those at Lavoom Salon often have busy schedules.

  • Makeup Trial: Allocate a budget for this essential expense, which may vary depending on the artist's expertise and location.

  • Travel Costs: Clarify with Lavoom Salon any additional charges for travel to your venue.

  • Preparation Time: Ensure ample time is allotted for yourself and potentially for a sizable bridal party to get ready.

  • Getting Ready Time: Allow sufficient time for you and potentially for a large bridal party.

Bridal Party Makeup In Calgary
Lavoom Salon: Bridal Makeup Service

10 Makeup Tips for Ensuring Your Bridal Party Looks Spectacular!

On your special day, it's essential to guarantee that the makeup for both you and your bridal party not only appears breathtaking but also endures from the ceremony until the final dance. Let's concentrate on achieving that flawless wedding day radiance with Lavoom Salon.

1. Considering Makeup for the Entire Bridal Party

Maintain uniformity and cohesion in your bridal party's appearance by opting for a consistent style that suits each member. Determine whether you'll adopt a uniform aesthetic or permit individual preferences within a defined colour palette, with expert advice from Lavoom Salon.

Embrace coordination over exact matching. Aim for your bridesmaids to complement each other aesthetically as a cohesive group, recognizing that they may have varying features and skin tones. Similar to the trend of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, slight variations in styling can still blend harmoniously. For instance, have your makeup artist from Lavoom Salon select between two similar lipstick shades for all the bridesmaids (while reserving a bolder complementary colour for you).

2. Personalizing Makeup for Key Family Members

Adding personalized touches to the makeup of close family members enhances their overall appearance, aligning with their outfits and the wedding's theme. Consider a dewy complexion for your mom's mature skin or a natural glow for your sister's maid of honour role, with expert guidance from Lavoom Salon.

Ensure you stand out. While your bridal hair and makeup should harmonize with the bridesmaids', it should also set you apart. This is your moment to shine! Lavoom Salon can help you achieve this with various techniques, such as dramatic false lashes, a smoky eye, a vibrant lip colour, or a hint of sparkle. Your bridesmaids can still embody a similar aesthetic – just toned down slightly.

Wedding Makeup at Lavoom Salon Calgary
Wedding Hair & Makeup by Lavoom Salon

3. Planning Trials and Day-Of Schedules

Schedule trial sessions well in advance and organize the wedding day timeline to accommodate sufficient time for makeup application, including room for touch-ups and travel if preparations are at a hotel, with expert assistance from Lavoom Salon.

When unsure, test it out. Whatever decisions you make regarding the bridal party's makeup, ensure you contemplate how it will translate in photographs. If uncertain, conduct a trial. While a hair and makeup trial is essential for the bride, it's beneficial to arrange one for the bridesmaids too. Alternatively, if they're managing their own makeup, plan for them to join you after your trial, fully glammed up and prepared. Better yet, turn it into a girls' night out!

4. Aligning with the Wedding Theme

Your makeup should mirror the ambiance of the wedding. For boho-themed weddings, a subtle look might be fitting, whereas a winter wedding might evoke a more dramatic style such as smoky eyes or a burst of colour to add warmth.

Consider the wedding theme and venue. The bridal party's appearance should not only complement each other but also harmonize with the wedding's setting. Factors like formality, theme, colours, and season should be taken into consideration, alongside practical aspects like weather conditions.

5. Budgeting for Beauty Services

Begin considering the costs of professional makeup services early on. Account for final payments, potential travel expenses, and whether accommodations will be needed for the makeup artist, ensuring a stress-free experience with the expertise of Lavoom Salon. You certainly don't want to find yourself having to do your own makeup on the big day!

In addition to Bridal Makeup Lavoom Salon is a full-service beauty salon with two convenient locations in Calgary. Our Brow bar in Marda Loop specializes in brow and lash services. If you're seeking eyebrow threading, tinting, brow lamination, or eyelash extensions, you can book these services as a group to enjoy a unified bridal party beauty experience.

6. Selecting the Perfect Makeup Artist

At Lavoom Salon, our makeup artists are highly sought after and typically booked four months in advance for any offsite venue. To ensure you secure your preferred artist, it is recommended to review our Wedding Wire profile for reviews and select a makeup artist six months prior to your wedding. Each makeup artist is trained by International Makeup Artist Naghem Moradi, who is also the owner and Brow Specialist at Lavoom Salon in Calgary. Naghem and her team have extensive experience in conducting countless weddings both onsite and in-salon, in and around Calgary.

Lavoom Salon Marda Loop
Lavoom Salon in Marda Loop

Contact us if you have any special requests or questions about which makeup artist is right for you. Additionally, we offer bridal parties the opportunity to rent out the entire salon for downtown weddings, providing an ideal space for getting ready before the wedding. This service can include champagne and is perfect for pre-wedding pictures.

7. Ensuring Endurance for Your Look

To ensure your makeup stays flawless throughout the day, consider options like full-coverage foundation or airbrush makeup. Don't overlook discussions about skincare preparation and the use of setting powder or sprays to uphold your perfect look all through the night, with expert assistance from Lavoom Salon in Calgary.

8. Makeup Harmonizing with Venue and Season

Factor in how your choice of venue and the season affect your makeup decisions. For an outdoor summer wedding in Calgary, opt for lighter, sweat-resistant makeup, whereas an indoor affair might accommodate more elaborate looks. Browse online for images of the venue and perhaps previous weddings to gather inspiration.

9. Enhancing Unique Features

Request your makeup artist to emphasize your individual features, such as enhancing rosy cheeks or creating the illusion of larger blue eyes, to ensure you look your absolute best on your wedding day. Each person in your party should receive personalized makeup tailored to their distinct features.

10. Final Touches Before Making Your Entrance

Moments before the ceremony begins, designate a bridesmaid to be on standby with a portable makeup chair for quick touch-ups on lipstick or powder. This ensures you'll be picture-perfect as you walk down the aisle. Everything culminates in this moment, so it's essential to ensure every detail is just right!

Lastly, Regarding... Crafting a Unified Bridal Party Makeup Ensemble

Achieving the perfect wedding party makeup entails striking a balance between your personal style and techniques that guarantee resilience and sophistication throughout the festivities, expertly provided by Lavoom Salon.

  • When it comes to accentuating your eyes, opt for complementary hues like peach or bronze to enhance blue eyes, or opt for greys and navys for a sultry, smokey effect, with the expert guidance of Lavoom Salon. Adding a touch of champagne to the inner corners can impart a dazzling sparkle to your eyes.

  • For your lips, consider a stain approach for lasting power. Dabbing a red lipstick onto your lips can create a natural, enduring look, skillfully executed with the expertise of Lavoom Salon. Seal in the color with a light dusting of powder or a lip primer.

  • Allow your skin to radiate and breathe by applying foundation sparingly. Focus on enhancing your natural complexion without obscuring it, and you can always build coverage in areas where needed, with the professional touch of Lavoom Salon.

  • Lastly, meticulous planning and preparation are key. Experiment with looks well ahead of time, and secure your makeup artist early if you're not opting for a DIY approach. This way, you can avoid last-minute stress and ensure a seamless beauty experience on your big day, with the assistance of Lavoom Salon.

Final Thoughts

Your bridal party makeup is more than just a combination of makeup products and techniques; it's an expression of your inner radiance, beautifully brought to life by Lavoom Salon. Keep these tips in mind, wear your smile proudly, and you'll undoubtedly exude the same splendour you feel!

Have you found any of these makeup tips particularly helpful for planning your own bridal party's looks? We'd love to hear about your experiences and any additional tips you might have to share! Drop us a comment below and let's keep the conversation going.

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