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Permanent Makeup Services and Pricing

Microblading is meant to reproduce the look of real eyebrows, in the industry it is called a cosmetic tattoo or, it can be called long-term makeup. Other names you may hear are 3D eyebrows, eyebrow embroidery, feather stroking or microstroking and Microshading which are variants to get your perfect eyebrow color and look. Microblading is considered permanent due to the fact that though the hair strokes will fade, pigment particles do remain in the skin!

Microblading - The Semi Permanent Brow Trend in Marda Loop

Microblading is the semi-permanent eyebrow trend taking off in Marda Loop. It’s growing in popularity thanks to its natural look and long lasting results. Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, involves using a special microblade to create natural looking hair strokes along the brow line. Perfected by hand, Lavoom Salon's specialized artists will create an eyebrow design that best fits your face!

Certified & Trained Artists

Choosing a trusted Microblading artist is crucial for the safety and success of the procedure. We prioritize your well-being by ensuring all tools and equipment are meticulously sterilized to prevent infections. Our commitment to hygiene minimizes the risk of complications, as improper microblading can lead to long-lasting effects that may require medical attention, resulting in additional costs.

Efficient Procedure with Lasting Results

Our artists, certified and trained, dedicate the necessary time to provide a thorough and efficient microblading experience. The procedure typically takes up to 2 hours, delivering semi-permanent results that last 1.5 – 2 years. While some clients may experience mild discomfort, it is generally manageable, ensuring a bearable experience throughout.

Trusted and Highly Rated Microblading

Lavoom Salon Marda Loop stands out as your go-to microblading destination, housing experienced brow artists with a passion for serving diverse clientele. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our high ratings and positive reviews. As dedicated professionals, we are focused on ensuring your journey with us is exceptional, prioritizing your satisfaction without compromising your budget. Achieve the perfect brows with Lavoom Salon – where expertise meets affordability.

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Witness the artistry of our microblading services through a showcase of before-and-after photos. See the real, stunning results achieved by our skilled artists, showcasing the diversity of styles and brows we've perfected.

Our Three-Step Brow Perfection Process

  1. Design: The perfect brows are personal to each and every one of us. At Lavoom Salon Marda Loop we design the brows that are tailor-made for you, Whether you choose to go natural or dramatic – we create a pair of brows that reflect your personality.

  2. Shape & Numb: Prioritize your comfort with a numbing step before the procedure begins.

  3. Microblade: Mimicking natural hair growth, our 3D strokes create thicker, defined brows lasting up to two years. Your best brows are waiting!

Microblading process from design to microblading

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Elevate your look with Lavoom Salon's expert microblading services in Marda Loop. Schedule your appointment online or contact us directly to experience personalized and transformative brow enhancements from our certified artists.


Our Mission

To provide premium eyebrow, lashes, makeup, and hair removal solutions to clients using high-quality products and advanced techniques so that clients are not only satisfied with their services but also feel that they have had the ultimate luxurious experience.


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