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Brow Lamination

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Chinook Brow Lamination: For Fuller, Fluffier Brows You'll Love

In the pursuit of perfectly sculpted eyebrows, Lavoom Salon Chinook introduces you to the world of Brow Lamination. Our beauty trend combines chemical prowess with aesthetic finesse, transforming unruly brows into a masterpiece of precision and definition.

Brow Lamination Service near Chinook in Calgary

Welcome to Lavoom Salon Chinook, where we redefine beauty beyond the arch. Step into a realm where eyebrows become a canvas for artistic transformation. Our Brow Lamination specialists bring you more than just a service; it's a journey to discover the full potential of your brows. Our skilled technicians combine expertise with the latest techniques, offering you a personalized experience that goes beyond conventional beauty standards.

About Us

At Lavoom Salon Chinook, we believe that your eyebrows should be more than just arches – they should be a statement. Our Brow Lamination services, led by specialists, are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your brows, providing a sleek, polished, and defined look. The process involves a meticulous combination of softening, shaping, and nourishing, resulting in eyebrows that steal the show.


Brow Lamination (also known as Brow Lift) brings your brows to new heights - keeping your brows looking stunningly voluminous and defined! Our treatment products are applied directly to the eyebrow hairs to create a chemical reaction, lifting them up and styling them into the perfect semi-permanent position. This is not only the ideal service for people with messy and unruly brows but can also be beneficial for those with sparse brow hairs as we can style your brows to appear fuller. Brows are then tinted and shaped.

The Brow Lamination Experience

Discover the magic of brow lamination – a revolutionary technique that elevates your eyebrows to new heights. Our skilled specialists at Lavoom Salon Chinook use a precise process that involves softening, setting, and nourishing your brows to perfection. Watch as unruly hairs are tamed and shaped, creating a fuller, more sculpted look that enhances your natural beauty. Say goodbye to the daily struggle of grooming, and say hello to effortlessly flawless eyebrows that captivate every gaze.

Why Choose Lavoom Salon Chinook

  • Expertise: Our team, led by Brow Lamination specialists, consists of highly trained professionals with a passion for beauty and a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends.

  • Innovation: Embrace the latest trends with confidence, knowing that we use cutting-edge techniques and quality products to enhance your beauty.

  • Personalized Service: Your beauty journey is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your individual needs, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience.

  • Relaxation: Lavoom Salon Chinook is not just a destination for beauty; it's a haven for relaxation. Unwind in our tranquil environment and let us take care of you.


Witness the transformative power of Brow Lamination at Lavoom Salon Chinook through before-and-after images showcasing the remarkable difference in a woman's eyebrows before and after the treatment. 

The Process: Craftsmanship in Every Step

  1. Consultation: Your journey begins with a personalized consultation. We take the time to understand your brow goals, facial features, and individual preferences, ensuring a tailored experience.

  2. Brow Softening: Our expert specialists delicately apply a specialized cream to soften the brow hairs, preparing them for the transformation ahead.

  3. Artful Sculpting: Using precision techniques, we sculpt your brows into the desired shape, embracing the natural beauty of your facial features.

  4. Setting the Standard: A neutralizing solution is skillfully applied to set the hairs in place, revealing a defined and lifted look that lasts.

  5. Nourishing Finish: We complete the experience with a nourishing step, ensuring your brows not only look fantastic but also remain healthy and vibrant.

woman brushing her perfect brows after a brow lamination at Lavoom Salon

Book Your Brow Lamination Revolution Today!

Ready to embrace the revolution in brow beauty? Schedule your appointment at Lavoom Salon Chinook and experience the Beyond the Arch difference. Elevate your brows, enhance your confidence, and step into a new era of captivating beauty.


Our Mission

To provide premium eyebrow, lashes, makeup, and hair removal solutions to clients using high-quality products and advanced techniques so that clients are not only satisfied with their services but also feel that they have had the ultimate luxurious experience.


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