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The Flat Brow

What is The Flat Brow?

The Flat Brow is a contemporary eyebrow trend that emphasizes lowering the arch to achieve a straighter shape. At Lavoom Salon, we specialize in bringing this fashionable look to you, giving your eyebrows a modern and youthful appearance. Say goodbye to the struggle of creating an arch – embrace the beauty of the flat brow!

before eyebrow shaping at lavoom salon

After the flat brow eyebrow shaping at Lavoom Salon

In the "before" image, the eyebrows showcase a classic, slightly arched shape, adhering to a more traditional aesthetic. In contrast, the "after" picture reveals the transformative effects of flat eyebrow shaping, where the eyebrows now boast a sleek, horizontal line, eschewing a pronounced arch for a modern and chic appearance. This contemporary style imparts a clean and sophisticated look, providing a striking contrast to the softer and more conventional arch seen in the initial image. The after result showcases a well-defined, straighter brow that aligns with the flat eyebrow trend, offering a fresh and updated overall facial aesthetic.

Who Could Benefit from the Flat Brow?

  • Modern Trendsetters: Embrace a contemporary look that stands out.

  • Low-Maintenance Individuals: Enjoy an easy-to-maintain style that requires less frequent grooming.

  • Those Seeking a Youthful Appearance: The flat brow can lend a fresh and youthful vibe to your overall look.

Flattering Face Shapes

While the flat eyebrow style is versatile, it tends to complement certain face shapes exceptionally well:

  • Oval Faces: Enhance your balanced features with a chic and straight brow.

  • Square Faces: Soften angular features with a subtle, horizontal brow.

  • Round Faces: Create the illusion of elongation with a well-defined flat brow.

Get the Look at Lavoom Salon

Expert Brow Artist

Our team of experienced stylists at Lavoom Salon understands the intricacies of eyebrow shaping. We stay at the forefront of beauty trends to provide you with personalized, professional services.

Customized Consultations

Not sure if the flat brow is right for you? Schedule a consultation with our brow artist. We'll assess your facial features and recommend the perfect flat brow style that complements your unique look.

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Flat Brow FAQS

Q:How do I get a flat brow?

A: If you need to grow a few hairs under your arch, our Brow Maximiser can help encourage brow growth and density.

Q: I have a naturally high arch. Can I achieve a flat brow?

A: Absolutely! A consultation with our brow artist will determine the best approach for lowering your arch.

Q: Is a flat brow the right shape for me?

A: Discover the most flattering brow shape for your face by consulting with our experts.

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