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Eyebrow Treatment Aftercare

Experience the joy of flaunting freshly threaded eyebrows as you step out of Lavoom Salon with your ultimate brow goals achieved. To maintain that perfect look until your next appointment, it's crucial to follow the right aftercare routine for your eyebrows.

To assist you in preserving the results of your eyebrow treatment, we present the comprehensive aftercare guide containing essential information on how to care for your treated brows. From valuable tips to user-friendly product recommendations seamlessly fitting into your daily routine, your eyebrows are guaranteed to stay in impeccable condition.

Discover the ideal care for your brows post our eyebrow treatments, covering every step, including threading, tinting, and brow lamination.

Aftercare Advice for Your Eyebrow Treatment

Top Eyebrow Aftercare Tips

As the experts in brow care, Lavoom Salon is here to share professional tips to keep your brows looking fresh, healthy, and beautiful for an extended period. Become a BrowBabe by following our top eyebrow tips after your appointment:

Do not pluck: Resist the temptation to pluck any stray hairs between appointments. Your stylist has a vision for your brows, and removing just one hair could impact their regrowth program tailored for you.

Avoid self-tanning products: Refrain from using self-tanning products, including gradual tanners, on your face two to three days before and after any brow treatment involving tinting. This precaution prevents the tan from reacting and turning your freshly colored eyebrows an unintended shade.

Skip exfoliation and anti-aging skincare: Given the sensitivity of the skin after hair removal, avoid exfoliating and using anti-aging skincare products around the brow area for three days before and after the treatment.

Hands off: Resist the urge to touch your fabulous brows. Your fingers may carry excess oils that can clog open pores, leading to unwanted spots.

Protect from sun exposure: Shield your new brow look and the delicate skin in the area by avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms, gyms, and swimming pools for 24 hours post-treatment.

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