Form-A-Brow® stencils create perfect, classic brows in a minute. Ideal for creating shape on over tweezed, sparse, faint, or thinning brows. Also makes a great guide to prevent over-tweezing and when growing out brows.
4-pack includes one of every Form-A-Brow® stencil shape: Fine, Natural, Full, X-tra Full. Instructions included.


Select stencil closest to your natural brow shape. Brush up brow hairs with Blending Brush. Place stencil over brow aligning teardrop mark with your tear duct. Press stencil firmly against brow with 2 fingers in a V shape. Dab Coloring Brush into brow colors and brush through stencil cut out using side to side wiper like motions. Repeat as desired to achieve color depth and definition. Blend in color and tone down darkness with Blending Brush. Wipe stencil, flip it over, and create the other brow. See instructions for full details

Form-A-Brow® Stencil

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