Covid 19 - Protocols

Here are the precautions as directed by Health Canada:

  • All Lavoom employees are required to take a self-screening questionnaire every day before work and temperature check upon store entry and mid way through their shift

  • Employees are required to wear a face shield with a mask underneath at all times, as per local mandates.

  • All lavoom employees must wash & sanitize their hands before putting clean gloves on, before touching anything or every 30 minutes.

  • All employees are required to wear a new set of gloves with every client & to sanitize them throughout the service when necessary.

  • All BrowBar stations & chairs are thoroughly sanitized upon store opening, and disinfected again prior to and following each service using Health Canada approved disinfectant.

  • Our typical two-seat service stations are now limited to one seat/customer per station.

  • We set up a fresh “sanitary maintenance area” for each client and all disposable tools are safely discarded after each service. Non-disposable tools such as tweezers & scissors are separated into a clearly labelled container for proper disinfecting.

  • All non-disposable tools are washed with warm soapy water and placed in high-level Health Canada approved disinfectant. Before use, they have disinfected again, using alcohol.

  • We ask that only aestheticians handle testers to limit contamination risk. We sanitize all product testers before & after every use and use a single-use, disposable applicators to avoid cross-contamination.

See you soon, gorgeous!

As Lavoom Salon reopens, what precautions are being taken to ensure everyone’s health and safety?


We are thrilled to announce that our salons are officially open and taking appointments as of June 19.

For regular updates, follow us on social media: @Lavoomsalon.

Please understand that due to social distancing restrictions and our new sanitization protocols, our appointment availability will be affected.


  • We kindly request a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations/rescheduling of appointments.

  • Exceptions will be made for cancellations if you or anyone in your household has:

    • Travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days