Platinum Blonde

A stylist must have advanced colour knowledge to attempt this Colour

  • 2 hours
  • $175.00+

Service Description

When formulating platinum, we refer to it as 11 or 12. It’s not on the scale because it’s not a natural hair colour. Platinum is hair is devoid of pigment which is why it reflects light. Often, we hear, “I want natural-looking blonde, not platinum.” Natural blonde is a combination of high ranging levels, so platinum is necessary for contrast. Is Going Platinum Damaging? Yes. Any time you are lifting the colour from your hair with bleach the hair is being damaged. To lighten hair requires chemically breaking down the molecular composition of hair because pigments attach to proteins so those proteins must be removed. Protein is also what makes hair strong, which is why we have developed such a careful process. We recommend only lifting 3 levels at a time in three separate visits so that you can condition and strengthen your hair throughout the process. Hair that is higher on the head is the most resistant so lifting multiple levels requires multiple processes. Many of our guests want immediate results, which we are often able to achieve but there are variables that must be considered. Lifting hair needs to be done well the first time. A lack of experience and colour planning is a part of why corrective colour is one of our most-booked services. Advanced Color Work It’s important to let us know if you have coloured at home or don’t frequent a salon. The more we know about your hair’s background the better we can help you achieve your blonde dreams. All Hands On Deck It’s not uncommon for us to work with assistants but a blonde specialist may use 2 or 3 assistants or stylists to process hair simultaneously, so the service is faster. This is easier on hair when doing multiple services, and how we safely achieve 6 months of colour in a day, if what you require it. This kind of care and commitment is just another day at the office for us! But because of the level of care, you’re getting, we do charge accordingly. It takes focused attention, a great deal of labour, and unlimited salon resources. We Take This Seriously A stylist must have advanced colour knowledge to attempt this kind of advanced colour work, let alone get successful results. It’s a commitment to time, product and care. It’s important to let us know if you have coloure at home if we feel there is a lack of understanding about this we may not proceed. We value good communication and we’re confident in our work so we ask guests take initiative by being informed prior to service.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call 2 hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid any cancellation fees. Note: The first cancellation without notice will be a warning, the second will be charged 50% of the appointment fee on your next visit.

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