Almost everyone has some unwanted body hair they want to remove.

For some people, it’s simply deciding they don’t want to grow a beard.

For others, it’s realizing their ear hair is visible.

Still, others want to make sure their legs are smooth and attractive for the swimsuit season.

If you want to remove unwanted body hair, you have several hair removal options, each of which has its own advantages.


Shaving away unwanted hair is a time-honoured tradition.

It’s probably best known for shaving facial and leg hair, but many people also use it to get rid of armpit hair and pubic hair (also known as the “bikini area”).

Even though shaving is effective, the hair will grow back, usually in a day or two.

Shaving can also cause ingrown hairs, especially in the pubic area, which can be unpleasant.


If you’ve only got a few hairs you want to remove, plucking them out might be the way to go.

Since this method uses tweezers to accomplish the plucking, people may also refer to it as “tweezing.”

If you’re trying to get rid of stray hairs on your nose or ears, this method is ideal. It’s also great for precision in areas where other methods would be too inaccurate, like when you want to shape your eyebrows.

You should avoid this method, though, if you’re trying to get rid of large areas of body hair, since it can lead to ingrown hairs and potential scarring.


Hair removal creams, also called depilatory creams, dissolve the hair shaft, leaving your skin hair-free.

While they are available without a prescription, you do need to be careful while using these products in order to avoid chemical burns.

First, make sure you’re using the right type of hair removal cream for your body.

If you’re trying to remove pubic hair, for instance, don’t get a hair removal cream meant for your face or legs.

Second, make sure the hair removal cream won’t cause an allergic reaction. Test the cream in a small area of your body, like a small patch on your arm or another spot that isn’t particularly visible, and make sure you don’t have a bad reaction to it before applying the cream to the area you want hair-free.


This method of hair removal comes from India and isn’t too well known in the western hemisphere yet, but it’s gaining in popularity.

It involves threading a string into a figure eight, then using the intersection of the thread as a pair of fine scissors. It’s especially effective at shaping eyebrows, since an experienced threader can move much more quickly with threading than with plucking.


This method is popularly favoured by women for use on their bikini areas and legs.

Hot wax is effective, but it’s also messy and painful.The process may also leave some hairs behind.

One of the most unpleasant aspects of waxing for some is the fact that you have to grow your hair out significantly, sometimes for a month or more, before treatment can begin.


Laser hair removal is one of the longest-lasting hair removal methods, but it’s only effective on dark hair, and also requires at least four treatments at four- to six-week intervals in order to be effective.

In this procedure, a laser actually destroys the hair bulb, making hair growth impossible.

Only an esthetician or doctor who has had training and experience should perform this procedure.



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