EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BRAZILIAN WAXING People have different stands when it comes to hair on their bodies. Things like “No Shave November” is there for those who love facial hair. However, some people get irritated by any hair that grows below their eyes. In particular, Brazilian Waxing is the removal of hair (mostly around the pubic area) with special wax which ensures that no hair is left behind. After a Brazilian Waxing session you will be bald as a newborn baby. Or rather like a plucked chicken. But it’s all good, who wants hair on her most intimate part anyway? Brazilian waxing is mostly famous among women than men. But this doesn’t mean that men should shy off from getting waxed. Nothing can go wrong with smooth and silky skin. Basic things you need to know about Brazilian waxing: IT GETS BETTER WITH TIME Waxing is all about plucking hair from its hair follicles. Well, whoever said that beauty is pain, there was a high chance he/she was about to get a bikini wax. The procedure is painful but all for a worthy course and, it gets better with time. If you get a bikini wax regularly your hair follicle becomes weak and this means that it won’t hurt that much when the hair is plucked. It is recommended that you get a bikini wax at least once every 3 weeks. HAVE IT GROW TO THE RIGHT SIZE For your hair to be waxed effectively it has to be no less than ¼ of an inch and no more than ½ of an inch. If your hair is then than ¼ of an inch you will be asked to go back home and have the hair grow to the right size. To most people especially if it is the first time it can get pretty awkward. I mean, you will have to get naked spread out your legs good to have the area around the labia waxed as well as the butt cheeks. As weird and awkward as it might get, always have in mind that the person attending to you is a professional and most probably have seen way a lot more. TAKE A SHOWER This is obvious, but worth being reminded of anyway. Before going for a bikini wax see to it that you take a shower. For reasons known best by all of us on this particular day thoroughly clean the area to be waxed. AVOID SEX OR ANY WORKOUT The skin around the waxed area gets very sensitive after the procedure. For this reason, it is recommended that one should abstain from sex for at least 36 hours to allow time for the skin to heal. You should also not engage in any vigorous activities that will make you sweaty down there. Also, wear loose clothes a skirt will do the trick and some not so tight underwear. THE TIME OF THE MONTHMATTERS Don’t book an appointment for a bikini wax when you are just a week to your periods. During this time, the skin is very sensitive and will make the whole procedure uncomfortable and very painful. WHY ASTRA MEDISPA IS THE BEST PLACE TO GET A BRAZILIAN WAX? At Lavoom, we offer the best Brazilian Waxing in Calgary. Our staffs have years of experience and we find pride in giving our clients what they want. Book an appointment with us and you won’t be disappointed



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