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How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost?

Updated: Mar 18

Brow lamination at Lavoom Salon in Calgary is $80. It involves using chemicals to lift and shape brow hairs, resulting in tidier and fluffier brows that last longer than traditional methods like brow gel. This option is ideal for those seeking an alternative to expensive or time-consuming brow shaping techniques like microblading. To make an informed decision, explore our guide covering factors affecting cost and tips for selecting the right brow artist.

Before and after Brow Lamination
Before and After Brow Lamination at Lavoom Salon

Average appointment costs in Calgary

According to our internal appointment data, Lethbridge has the lowest average appointment cost at $35 and Toronto has the highest at $129. In Calgary, the average price is $80.

What affects the cost of brow lamination?

Various factors impact the price of brow lamination, including the salon's location, local demand, the artist's expertise, and the services provided during your appointment. Pricing may differ among salons, but the following are common factors that influence the overall cost:

  1. Location: Prices may vary based on the cost of living in your area.

  2. Salon Type: Whether you visit a specialized salon, high-end establishment, or a smaller, family-owned business can affect pricing.

  3. Demand and Competition: Limited availability of brow artists offering the service in your area may lead to higher prices.

  4. Artist's Experience: Experienced artists may factor in their training and expertise when determining pricing.

  5. Additional Services: Some salons may include or offer add-on services like threading or brow tinting for an extra fee.

What is typically included in a brow lamination session?

Brow lamination appointments primarily focus on reshaping without removing hair or darkening brows, supplementary services can enhance the desired aesthetic. Some artists may also provide sample-sized aftercare products for home use.

For those uninterested in extra services or seeking clarity on what's included, it's advisable to communicate with the artist beforehand. This allows for a breakdown of the appointment's components and recommendations tailored to achieving the desired brow appearance.

To learn more about what brow lamination is, visit Lavoom Salon's comprehensive guide.

How long does the effect of brow lamination endure?

The durability of brow lamination typically ranges from four to eight weeks, contingent upon consistent aftercare and the natural growth cycle of your brow hairs. Diligent aftercare is pivotal in maximizing the longevity of the initial brow lamination, potentially extending the intervals between appointments by preserving brow shape.

To enhance longevity, it's imperative to refrain from water exposure and product application directly on the brows for the initial 24 hours post-appointment. This allows for adequate setting time for the brow hairs and facilitates skin recovery.

Subsequently, integrating brow moisturization into your daily regimen is recommended. Regular brushing with a spoolie aids in maintaining brow hair alignment. While castor oil is favoured for promoting healthy brows, consulting your brow artist for personalized product recommendations and additional aftercare strategies is advisable.

Although aftercare contributes to prolonged results, sustained brow neatness requires ongoing upkeep. Subsequent sessions are necessary to uphold the desired appearance over time. Consistent appointments can train brows to naturally conform to the preferred shape.

For individuals with flexibility in their budget, exploring alternative long-term solutions is worthwhile. Options such as eyebrow tattooing, ranging from $300 to $500, offer prolonged durability compared to brow lamination. Alternatively, microblading presents a relatively cheaper option, albeit with shorter longevity than brow tattoos.

Investing in a skilled brow artist is crucial

Investing in a skilled brow artist is crucial, especially when considering brow lamination at Lavoom Salon Calgary. These are the key considerations to ponder before determining if the overall cost of brow lamination aligns with your preferences. If you are confident in its suitability, the subsequent step entails finding a proficient brow artist.

Entrusting this service to professionals, particularly for your initial session, is prudent given the proximity of chemicals to your eyes. The additional expense upfront is justifiable when you can depart from the salon with impeccably shaped brows, devoid of any concerns regarding discomfort or harm.

Peruse our roster of brow artists today to commence your quest for the ideal individual to sculpt your brows at Lavoom Salon Calgary.

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