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Eyebrows – those furry tufts of hair that rest above the eye are responsible for some of the most iconic beauty looks of all time. Cleopatra’s exaggerated brow reflected her personal power and wealth. Joan Crawford captivated audiences with a stronger brow and round shape. For years, super-thin brows dominated fashion runways. It wasn’t until model Cara Delevingne set the stage in 2010 for a decade of natural, feathered full brows. Today, this trend holds strong as women all over the world embrace a natural, wild, untamed beauty self. Here are my 5 steps for achieving the “Brooke Shields” of eyebrow magic. Step #1 – Brush, brush, brush. Begin by combing those brows in an upward direction to see exactly what areas need to be filled in. This technique will come in handy a little later when we add texture to the brow. I’m in love with this SENNA Eyebrow Reshaper Brush from Lavoom Salon Online Store. Its multipurpose function is perfect for those stubborn brows. Step #2 – Measure it out. Brows are not meant to be perfect. However, measuring them properly will ensure the look contours to your face shape. Your best brow aligns with the inner tear duct with an arch extending approximately 25 degrees from the outer eye duct. Step #3 – Throw some shade. The more shades, the better the brow. This can sometimes be the trickiest part of achieving the look. Thankfully, DIOR makes it effortless with their All-In-Brow 3D Long-Wear Brown Contour Kit. Choose a darker matte colour underneath the hairs to add density. Gently fill outwards with lighter shades to fill in any gaps. Step #4 – Add some detail. With a Burberry Full Brows pencil in hand, begin to add hair like details to the front of your brow. Draw in hairs right at the front towards the nose slowly adding more density toward the tail end of the brow. Again, don’t be afraid to use more than one colour to achieve a more natural look. Step #5 – Ready. Set. Finish. Set your brows with a clear brow gel combing the hairs upwards to add texture. This will lock in those perfect brows for the day ahead. Your brows are done!

Cheers to magnificent brows!

~ Naghme Moradi.

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