After Service Treatment & Care

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After Service Treatment & Care

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Lavoom Salon, 6624 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2H 0C6, Canada

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We fancy ourselves waxing experts but it’s still important to make sure you take proper care before and after your waxing service. Follow these tips and it will help make your experience more pleasant!

pre-wax care

don’t be nervous!

We specialize in first time waxers or those who have previously had a less than perfect wax elsewhere. Our estheticians are expertly trained and you’ll be in good hands!

Please do not get waxed if you are using any medical-grade exfoliators.

Please do not get waxed if you are using any skin-thinning medications

Your hair needs to be at least ¼ inch long for best results. Any shorter and some hairs might get missed!

Make sure your skin is clean and sweat-free before your service but please don’t use any exfoliating cleansers that might make your skin too sensitive or thin.

Please avoid sun exposure for 24 hours before your service on any areas you would like waxed.

If you have any questions or concerns about getting waxed, please contact us prior to your service and we will be happy to assist!

after wax care

Your skin needs special care to get fabulous results. Here are some suggestions for keeping your skin smooth and blemish-free.

Avoid touching the area for the first 12 hours while pores are still open and the area is still sensitive.

Stay away from hot baths or showers, and opt for warm showers instead.

Avoid hot tubs and saunas for at least 24 hours.

Avoid activity that will cause the area to perspire or chafe. Wear soft cotton clothing next to the sensitive skin for 24 hours after waxing.

No sun tanning the area for at least 48 hours after waxing to avoid uneven skin color.

Regular exfoliation is a must for keeping your skin smooth and to help prevent ingrown hairs. Be sure to only gently clean and exfoliate the area.

If your skin is red or chafed, use nappy cream to help sooth and calm your skin.

At the first sign of an ingrown hair or blemish, use drying lotion.

Use wax solution as a daily treatment for ingrown hairs.

Getting waxed regularly can help skin adjust to waxing. Most women find skin irritation becomes less prominent with frequent waxing.

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