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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BRAZILIAN WAXING People have different stands when it comes to hair on their bodies. Things like “No Shave November” is there for those who love facial hair. However, some people get irritated by any hair that grows below their eyes. In particular, Brazilian Waxing is the removal of hair (mostly around the pubic area) with special wax which ensures that no hair is left behind. After a Brazilian Waxing session you will be bald as a newborn baby. Or rather like a plucked chicken. But it’s all good, who wants hair on her most intimate part anyway? Brazilian waxing is mostly famous among women than men. But this doesn’t mean that men should shy off from getting waxed. Nothing can go wrong with smooth and silky skin. Basic things you need to know about Brazilian waxing: IT GETS BETTER WITH TIME Waxing is all about plucking hair from its hair follicles. Well, whoever said that beauty is pain, there was a high chance he/she was about to get a bikini wax. The procedure is painful but all for a worthy course and, it gets better with time. If you get a bikini wax regularly your hair follicle becomes weak and this means that it won’t hurt that much when the hair is plucked. It is recommended that you get a bikini wax at least once every 3 weeks. HAVE IT GROW TO THE RIGHT SIZE For your hair to be waxed effectively it has to be no less than ¼ of an inch and no more than ½ of an inch. If your hair is then than ¼ of an inch you will be asked to go back home and have the hair grow to the right size. To most people especially if it is the first time it can get pretty awkward. I mean, you will have to get naked spread out your legs good to have the area around the labia waxed as well as the butt cheeks. As weird and awkward as it might get, always have in mind that the person attending to you is a professional and most probably have seen way a lot more. TAKE A SHOWER This is obvious, but worth being reminded of anyway. Before going for a bikini wax see to it that you take a shower. For reasons known best by all of us on this particular day thoroughly clean the area to be waxed. AVOID SEX OR ANY WORKOUT The skin around the waxed area gets very sensitive after the procedure. For this reason, it is recommended that one should abstain from sex for at least 36 hours to allow time for the skin to heal. You should also not engage in any vigorous activities that will make you sweaty down there. Also, wear loose clothes a skirt will do the trick and some not so tight underwear. THE TIME OF THE MONTHMATTERS Don’t book an appointment for a bikini wax when you are just a week to your periods. During this time, the skin is very sensitive and will make the whole procedure uncomfortable and very painful. WHY ASTRA MEDISPA IS THE BEST PLACE TO GET A BRAZILIAN WAX? At Lavoom, we offer the best Brazilian Waxing in Calgary. Our staffs have years of experience and we find pride in giving our clients what they want. Book an appointment with us and you won’t be disappointed

A lash lift and tint provide amazing and absolutely stunning results. The lash lift and tint really help for your eyelashes to be put to their full potential and shown off as they should be. An eyelash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes and it brings out the real beauty in your eyes and shows off the long luscious eyelashes that you have naturally!! These services are extremely relaxing and pampering. An eyelash lift is most commonly paired with an eyelash tint to enhance the defining effect and colour your lashes to make them darker providing a deeper pop. Overall this service’s results are amazing and make your eyelashes look longer, fuller and more defined. It also makes your eyes look larger and makes your whole face look uplifted!

Eyelash lifts and tints typically take about 60 minutes to complete and you will be left with beautiful lashes for 6-8 weeks. No more having to accidentally rip your eyelashes out with an eyelash curler or having mascara fallout on your face by the end of the day. You wake up and you are beautiful and ready for the day with your new and improved eyelashes with an eyelash lift and tint! These services will make a wonderful gift for your loved one as anyone can have it done. There is no downtime and it looks so natural.

The eyelash lift and tint is such an amazing and affordable service. The lash lift and tint will make you feel like a brand new woman and feel more beautiful. You will look more alive and your eyes will look larger. Book your Eyelash Lift and Tint here or visit Lavoom Salon Calgary, Alberta. We look forward to seeing you and providing you with your dream lashes while keeping it all natural!!

We here at Lavoom are so happy to be back and want to share a tremendous thank you to our wonderful clients for being so patient during our reopen!

Now that we have reopened, we wanted to touch base with our fantastic community about our updated policies as per the COVID-19 protocols. The main purpose of these policies is to ensure our client and staff’s safety so we may continue to give you the best Lavoom experience!

We wanted to take this opportunity to familiarize our clients with these new policies and to open up the opportunity to answer any questions that may have arisen due to these updates!


As per COVID-19 protocol requires, all clients will be asked to take the Manitoba self-screening tool prior to entering our studios. It is best to due to this self-screening assessment on the morning of your appointment! We have attached a link to the assessment in your appointment confirmation and reminder emails found below our updated policies. If you have answered all the questions and have answered yes to any part of the assessment, we ask that you call the studio so we may either cancel or rebook your appointment for you.


We here at Lavoom are well versed in PPE requirements and our staff abides by them in addition to extensive additional sanitization protocols. In addition to these, our staff will be wearing masks at all times in client areas (i.e. waiting room, Brow Bar, and procedure rooms). We encourage our clients to wear a mask for the duration of their visit and have made masks available for purchase for your appointment if wanted! We as a staff will wear masks regardless but if you choose to wear one or purchase one in the salon, we can all match!


As per the Manitoba Personal Services Requirements, all appointments will be limited to one person. As per this protocol, guests and children will not be allowed to accompany clients during their visit to our studios. Limiting our appointments to one person per visit allows us to ensure the safety of our team and other clients!


Social distancing is one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 so we ask that our clients adhere to social distancing with other clients and staff members while in the salon! Our waiting rooms at both studios will be set up for social distancing to aid in following these policies. We will bring you into the studio and in for your appointment, one at a time, and even bring up purchases one on one to ensure the required 2 meters is kept between any two individuals. Think of our staff as your own personal Lavoom's escort for the duration of your appointment!


Hand sanitization is always a good practice to have; especially considering your phone can be a petri dish of bacteria in your pocket! As an added precaution, all clients will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering our studios. We will have two hand sanitization stations set up in the salon and our washrooms will also be available for additional hand washing at any time during your visit at Lavoom!


For the time being, our coffee and tea bar will be unavailable but we will have bottled water and canned beverages for our clients during your appointment!

We thank all of our clients for their patience with these updated protocols as we move in to this new “normal”. We want to ensure the safety of our clients with these new protocols but will not compromise the leisure for our clients visiting our beautiful salon! These new policies allow us to see all our clients that we have missed so much over the past few months and get back to doing what we love best!

If you have any questions in regards to these updated protocols, please feel free to email us at!

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Some Simple Tips for makeup and cosmetics

Great eyebrows can make an individual’s confidence soar. While a handful of clients walk through a spa’s doors with a clear idea of how they want their eyebrows to look, most clients are expecting the professional to provide direction on shape and shade, which makes perfect sense if you think about it. After all, we’re the experts, right? But, what if eyebrows are an add-on to the services you offer and not your primary focus? It can be intimidating to know clients are literally placing their eyebrows in your hands. 


With the following three-step best eyebrows blueprint, allow me to make the process of selecting the perfect shape and shade for your clients infinitely easier. 



This is the first step in landing on a great eyebrow look, so take your time with this. There are five core face shapes, each with their own characteristics:

  • Heart: The chin is pointed and the forehead is the widest part of the face.

  • Oval: The face is balanced, with very little width difference between the forehead and chin.

  • Rectangle or Oblong: The face is longer than it is wide.

  • Square: The face is basically as wide as it is long and the jaw is slightly angled.

  • Round: The cheekbones are the widest part of the face and the chin is curved.


While this is not written in stone, you and your client may want to tweak and customize based on how lush or sparse their existing eyebrows are and the image they want to project. These are what I generally consider to be the most flattering eyebrow shapes for each type of face:

Heart: A slightly rounded arch.

A low arch will create a more natural look and a higher arch will elongate a shorter face.
Oval: A soft, angled arch that shoots straight up at 45 degrees, then gently curves down.
Rectangle or Oblong: A soft arch, with a wide distance between the eyebrows. Ideally, eyebrows will not exceed the inner corner of the eye.
Angular, with a lifted arch and lengthened tail, which will help balance the face.

Go with more of an arched look, rather than rounded. Adding a defined arch instantly gives a lifted, more elongated look, which can be really beautiful.



Subtle shading enhances every eyebrow, even the most full and lush. But, since it isn’t always easy to know which eyebrow colour will be the most flattering for a client, I’ll share this incredibly easy insider tip: match it to the client’s hair roots. This will all but guarantee a flattering effect, lending just the right amount of definition and polish. Another insider tip is to shade with a dark brown and not a black pencil if the client’s eyebrows are black. The black on black will most likely be too dark. If a client is a blonde, however, you’ll most likely want to go a shade darker than their roots. This will avoid the washed-out effect that no client wants and add some visual pop and impact. This is, however, the preference of the client, so it’s important to ask.


See how easy it is to select the right shape and shade for your clients? Now get out there and create some serious eyebrow magic.

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